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Compare plans as low as

a month (per individual)

Compare plans as low as

a month (per individual)

Compare plans as low as

a month (per individual)

Individual Health

With so many options on the market and the confusion of Obamacare thrown into the mix, it can be hard to find the perfect individual coverage for you and your family. We got rid of the guess work.

Family health

Keeping your family safe and covered is your number one priority. We know this, and after digging into the new laws – we've found several great health insurance options for you to choose from.

Short-term medical

Life happens. Sometimes short-term medical insurance is what’s needed. This type of health insurance is meant to bridge the gap from completely uninsured to a full coverage health plan.


Medical expenses can destroy your financial security while your health reaches its low-point. Supplemental insurance was created to protect you when your major health insurance coverage does not.


Changing jobs is a common occurrence in today's economy. As such, individuals not working for a company can struggle to find coverage. COBRA coverage allows these people to receive group rates for a short time after employment ends.

Small business

Small business insurance is a necessity for owners in today's business climate. You can reduce your risks significantly, but there are a variety of other reasons this coverage is so important.

When confusion continues to keep you down, we’ve made finding a health insurance quote simple at HealthQuoteInfo.

When all you need is a health insurance quote for 2019 – whether it be an individual or family plan, a small business health policy, or supplemental insurance – we have you covered. HealthQuoteInfo is your number one sources for all things insurance.

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We strive to bring you the information you need to make an intelligent choice when insuring yourself. Our detailed research and free instant health insurance quotes ensure you understand a policy and know what costs will be associated with the plan. No more guessing – just the detailed information you need to make an educated choice regarding insurance.


We breakdown a variety of health insurance plans, supplemental insurance and more to ensure you understand the in's and out's of any policy you're considering.


The Affordable Care Act has changed things in the healthcare industry. Even with the act being in place for a few years, many are still struggling to understand the changes. That's where we come in!


Pricing tends to be vague online. By offering quick discount health insurance quotes for individuals and families, we don't sell you on a policy that you could never afford. Our goal is to save you time and money.


It is easy to get roped into paying for insurance policies and plans you don't need. With our expertise, you'll find that paying for useless coverage is a wasteful habit of the past.


Removing waste within health care - we strive to save you time and money when investigating coverage, getting affordable health insurance quotes and paying premiums.

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