01 Jun 2017

American Health Care Act / Trumpcare to be Reworked by the Senate

It’s no secret that Donald Trump absolutely despised the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. During his campaign, he promised to disassemble Obamacare the moment he entered the Oval office.

Just a few hours after his presidential inauguration, he signed an executive order that initiated the process of dismantling the Affordable Care Act. Simultaneously, his administration developed a new plan and called it the American Health Care Act, also billed as Trumpcare or “Republicare.”

Widely criticized by Democrats and even Republicans, the plan initially failed to gather enough votes in Congress, however, after several attempts and revisions, the plan managed to pass on May 04, 2017 with a narrow 217 votes “for” to 213 “against.” Not a single Democrat supported the bill, and some Republicans even admitted to not reading the full document before voting for it.

Even after several revisions, the bill remains heavily criticized. Democrats have accused Trumpcare of being a tax break for the rich, as it will make healthcare less expensive for the young, wealthy and healthy by reducing the taxes they pay. Meanwhile, the bill will reportedly leave impoverished American citizens without access to reliable and affordable healthcare.

Trumpcare will also impact Medicaid — a social health care program for individuals living in poverty in the U.S. Under the proposed bill, Medicaid would be subjected to a severe $880 billion funding cut over the next decade, meaning millions of Americans will be uninsured. This would lead to drastic changes in the insurance sector and would ultimately result in higher insurance premiums.

Senior citizens would also be negatively impacted under Trumpcare. If the bill passes, insurance companies would have the right to increase prices for older customers (up to five times higher), meaning millions of seniors may be left without health coverage.

The bill is pending Senate approval, but there are serious concerns so it looks like it will take several months (or even years) until Trumpcare is actually approved. Many members of the Senate, including Republicans, have made it clear the bill will need to be heavily reworked, or rewritten practically from scratch.

The Republicans control the Senate by 52-48. Considering that several Republican senators have publically denounced key aspects of the bill, finding a compromise will be challenging to say the least. According to the Finance Committee chairman Orrin Hatch, this task is “near impossible,” considering the Republicans need to also convince Democrats of approving Trumpcare.

To sum things up, accessible healthcare in the U.S. remains in a state of uncertainty as politicians argue key aspects of the new bill in the nation’s capital. It’s now up to the Senate to rework the American Health Care Act and come up with a viable solution that satisfies both political parties. Still, no matter what the future may hold, you can always count on HealthQuoteInfo to help you find affordable insurance plans that fit your lifestyle and needs.

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