03 May 2017

Buying Health Insurance for a Baby or New Born

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Buying Health Insurance for a Baby or New Born

When it comes to being a new parent, the last thing on your mind is health insurance. You are making sure that your baby is healthy and ready to go home with you when the time is right. As a new parent, life can be overwhelming for a period of time. Finding the right insurance for your new born is essential for their health and your peace of mind.

So many things happen in the beginning of a baby’s life- they need certain immunizations, checks for their eyes and ears, and regular check-ups to make sure they are growing and developing in the ways they should be.

Check your existing health insurance

If you have a comprehensive health insurance plan, your new born will be covered under your health insurance plan for 30 days. Having a baby is a qualifying health insurance event, which gives you a month to officially register your child under your existing health insurance plan or switch to a new policy.

If you want to add your new born to your health insurance policy, you can call your health insurance agent and ask them about adding your child to your policy. Make sure to ask about how much this will cost, and you’ll likely need to have your kid’s birth certificate and social security number ready. Insurance companies will retroactively cover care that your child may have received before you purchased their health insurance within the first 30 days.

Secondly, you might find that switching health insurance plans is your best option. Since you have 30 days to compare other health insurance options, take a look at what other options are for your family. If you have insurance through your employer, talk to HR to see how adding in a new person on your insurance could affect your rates.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

The Federal Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, is a low-cost health insurance option for families who don’t qualify for Medicaid. Every State offers CHIP, which also covers women who are pregnant.

In order to see if your child qualifies for CHIP, you can fill out an application on the Health Insurance Marketplace. You can do this anytime during the 30 days you have when your baby is born, as this is your special qualifying period. Your individual State can then contact you about the health care options you have for CHIP.

CHIP covers routine check-ups, prescriptions, immunizations, emergency services, doctor visits, dental and vision, inpatient/outpatient care, and lab and x-ray services.

CHIP covers routine doctor and dental visits. You may have to pay co-pays for other health care services under this program. Depending on what State you live in, you may have to pay a monthly premium. No matter what, you’ll never have to pay more than 5% of your family’s yearly income.

Health insurance for your baby

When it comes to getting health insurance for your new baby, there are many options you can take. Whether you use your existing health insurance, insurance from your employer, or Federal programs like CHIP, your child will be able to have comprehensive insurance for their childhoods.