You can get health insurance in Austin TX through private carriers and state programs. HealthQuoteInfo offers over a hundred health insurance plans that you can choose from. You need to enter your zip code in our search bar, and we can get you the details of various plans for individual and family insurance coverage.

These plans come from noted insurance carriers such as Sound, Humana, Cigna, and Blue Cross. Aetna and Golden Rule may also offer health insurance plans for you.

Aside from private insurance carriers, the state also offers its programs to alleviate the burden of health insurance for its residents. Residents who qualify with the requirements can enjoy the benefits of low cost or even free health insurance coverage. These plans include Medicare as well as other specialty programs.

Self-employed residents can qualify for a group plan if they have at least two employees who work a minimum of 30 hours a week. All the health insurance carriers in the state have medically underwritten these plans. This means that the premium rates may be affected by the health history of the enrollees, although no one can be denied coverage outright despite their health history.

Texas residents who are 18 years old and below may be covered by the Medicare program for children, also known as the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). CHIP is for families whose income exceeds the Medicare requirements but who still not be able to afford private health insurance coverage. If your family meets the CHIP requirements, any child in your family can enjoy coverage at no cost.

The benefits of this program include medical office visits and regular checkups, cleanings and fillings at the dental office, vaccines, eye exams and glasses, and even mental health care.

CHIP enrollment fees and copayments will depend on the level of your family income. The enrollment fees for each 12-month plan won’t exceed $50 for each eligible family. Copayments also fall within the $3 to $10 range for prescription drugs and visits to the doctor.

Even if you’re not a senior older than 65 years old, you may be able to join the Texas Health Insurance Risk Pool. Part of the requirements includes being a US citizen for at least three straight years and a Texas resident for 30 days. Other provisions also involve having a qualifying pre-existing medical condition or being medically uninsurable.