Bakersfield residents have access to more than 80 health insurance plans through HealthQuoteInfo. To find out more about health insurance in Bakersfield CA, enter your zip code, and you will be given details of the health insurance plans that you can buy. These plans come from well-known health insurance brands like Aetna and Blue Shield. You can also get plans from Tonik, Health Net, and Anthem.

It’s very common to get health insurance coverage through your employer, but it doesn’t mean that you must immediately have an insurance plan replacement if you leave your current job. The state offers the Cal-COBRA program that enables you to extend your current health plan for up to 18 months so that you’re still insured as you try to find another job.

For those whose jobs offer low income, private insurance may be too expensive. However, the Medicaid program in California can provide a more affordable alternative. This Medi-Cal program can cover the cost of health care services for those whose income does not exceed specified limits. Other beneficiaries of this program can include those with disabilities, senior citizens, people with severe diseases, and families with children.

Pregnant women whose income fall within a defined “middle” range and are without insurance may benefit from the basic health insurance from the Access for Infants and Mothers. The cost of AIM can be very low, as it is just 1.5% of the enrollee’s adjusted annual household income. This program is reserved for California residents who do not have health insurance and don’t receive the free benefits of Medi-Cal or part A or B of Medicare. Also, the pregnant woman availing the AIM program should be less than 30 weeks pregnant at the time of her application.

Another option for some California residents is the Major Risk Medical Insurance Program, or MRMIP, which is handled by the Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board. The program seeks to help out the people who cannot get proper insurance from private insurance carriers because of their preexisting medical conditions. Those who aren’t covered by the parts A and B of Medicare and who also can’t extend coverage through Cal-COBRA may be eligible for MRMIP if they can’t get proper coverage elsewhere. However, this program has a limited budget, and there’s a long waiting list.