Health Insurance in Baltimore

HealthQuoteInfo can help you find the right health insurance if you live in Baltimore, Maryland. You can choose among 100+ health insurance private insurance packages offered by private insurers like Kaiser, Golden Rule, CareFirst, and Aetna.

Aside from private insurance options, the state of Maryland also offers public health insurance programs to cover the needs of people who cannot avail private insurance. These people may not have the budget for private insurance, or their circumstances may make them uninsurable.

Essential health care coverage is available even for those with low income through Medicaid. The Maryland residents who are eligible for this program must not have an income that exceeds a predefined limit. If you wish to apply for Medicaid, you should meet any of the following requirements: you’re at least 65 years old, younger than 21 years old, pregnant, a parent of a child younger than 21 years old, blind, or disabled.

About 75% of all Medicaid beneficiaries have their health care provided by Health Choice. This is the managed care program in the state of Maryland.

If you’re an adult who’s at least 19 years old and your income is within a specific range, you may be eligible for the Primary Adult Care Program, or PAC. Visits to a family doctor can then be available for you free of charge, while you can also enjoy outpatient visits to a psychiatrist or counselor for free. Prescription drugs may also be free or available to you at reduced rates.

Other Maryland residents who cannot get health insurance may be able to do so via the Maryland Health Insurance Plan. You may be able to qualify if you have one of the required medical conditions and that a health carrier has denied you within the last six months.

For children under the age of 19, assistance may be provided by the Maryland Children’s Health Program. Pregnant women with low incomes may also be eligible for the MCHP. Usually, this program is restricted to those who have no insurance, but in special cases, even children who already have some insurance may still qualify.

Last but not least, pregnant women may also receive benefits from the Maryland Family Planning and Reproductive Health Program. The primary goal of this program is to reduce infant and fetus mortality rates, rates of low weights at birth, and abortion rates. The program ensures that the residents of Maryland who require contraception and reproductive services will be able to receive them, regardless of their health insurance situation.