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To find out the details of those plans, all you need is to use our search bar. Enter your zip code, and you will be able to glean the details about the various policies available for your location. These health insurance plans come from top private carriers such as United Health One, Humana, BCBS, Assurant, and Aetna.

However, your health insurance options aren’t limited to just the private carriers. In general, these can be a bit more expensive or more restrictive so they may not be ideal for you. But the state of Illinois does offer more affordable and more accessible health insurance options, although you must check to see if you meet the specific requirements of these programs.

Illinois has programs such as Medicaid for those whose income may not enable them to afford more expensive private health insurance. The state has also joined the ranks of areas that offer greater encouragement for those with disabilities to rejoin the workforce. The state’s HBWD program stands for Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities, and disabled workers can get back to work and enjoy their full Medicaid benefits. The age range of qualified applicants is from 16 to 64 years old.

Some people may have medical conditions that make them uninsurable in the eyes of the private market, but these people can turn to the state’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to provide them with the coverage they need. The Traditional Plan is for people younger than 65 years old who aren’t enrolled in Medicare. The benefits come from the preferred health care providers (physician and hospital) from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. For those who are older than 65, CHIP offers their Medicare plan.

In some cases, people may be caught in the “gray area” having too high an income to qualify for Medicaid, but that income may still be too low for these people to afford the full price of private health insurance. The children of these families can still be adequately covered with Illinois’s comprehensive All Kids program, while their parents enjoy the lower costs. The rates for the middle-income bracket are considerably lower than what they would have to pay to private insurers.

The coverage of the program is quite broad, as it covers visits to the doctor’s clinic, stays in the hospital, and the costs of prescription drugs. Dental and eye care are also included. The program even covers the cost of various medical devices, such as eyeglasses and even asthma inhalers.

If this program covers the kids of lower-income families, then what about the adults in their families? For them, Illinois has the FamilyCare program. It involves monthly premiums and copays for medical services, but they’re substantially lower compared to the costs of private health insurance. The services offered under the All Kids programs are also available for adults in the FamilyCare program.