The residents of Cincinnati in Hamilton County, Ohio can choose among many health insurance options; they need to know where to look. In fact,  HealthQuoteInfo can show you as many as 150 different health insurances in Cincinnati, OH.

You can differentiate among them by entering your zip code into our search bar, and you can then study the details of each available plan more closely. These plans can offer coverage for individuals as well as for groups such as families and businesses.

In the private health insurance market, these plans come from brands such as Medical Mutual, Assurant, Aetna, United Health One, Humana, and Anthem. However, these plans may be priced out of the range of families and people with less substantial incomes. For qualified state residents, though, Ohio offers alternative options.

For many, the first option that must be considered after the private health insurance market is Ohio Medicaid. This program offers various benefits for particular groups, such as children 18 years old and below, families with children, and senior citizens over the age of 65. Other specialized groups that may enjoy benefits from this program include the disabled as well as women who need screening for cervical and breast cancer.

Medicaid covers services including doctor services and inpatient hospital care. These also include home health planning and even family planning and associated supplies.

Another Medicaid program is Healthy Start, which is available for children ages 18 years old and below. This program is also for families and pregnant women with annual incomes up to twice the federal poverty level.

Covered services here include inpatient hospital care, lab services, and prescription medicine. Also included are preventive services such as screenings as well as vision, hearing, and even dental services.

Another Medicaid program is called Healthy Families, which may even be much more affordable. It’s reserved for families with children ages 18 and below whose annual household income comes to just 90% of the federal poverty level.

If you and your family are eligible for these special Medicaid programs, then you may also qualify for the Healthchek program, which is Ohio’s Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program. The goal of this program is to detect potential and actual medical problems as early as possible so that they don’t worsen as they’re left untreated. Healthchek includes eight checkups during a child’s first two years, along with a yearly checkup afterward. If any potential issue is uncovered during these checkups, then the plan also covers the necessary treatment.

Small business owners who employ two workers who are on the job 25 hours a week can also qualify for a small group health insurance plan. No one can be denied coverage for this plan even if they have a preexisting condition, although the rates will be affected by the health history of each worker.