If you live in Dallas, Texas, HealthQuoteInfo offers more than 100 health insurance plans for you to choose from. United Health One, Cigna, Blue Cross, and Aetna are just some of the health insurance carriers we have that can provide insurance plans for families and individuals.

There are plenty of options for health insurance in Dallas, TX. These plans can fit the needs of small businesses and groups along with families and individuals.

Even if you’re medically uninsurable or you cannot afford to get private health insurance at the moment, basic health coverage is available, and it allows you to take advantage of government programs in the state. These options include CHIP, high-risk pool, and Texas Medicaid. At HealthQuoteInfo, we can check your situation to find out the health insurance category you belong to so that you can find the health insurance plan that best suits your circumstances.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in Texas offers coverage for state residents under 18 whose family incomes are too high for Medicaid but are unable to afford private insurance. The costs for CHIP coverage are comparatively much lower, and the fees and copayments are based on the family income. Each family pays less than $50 in enrollment fees for each year of eligibility and copayments for prescription drugs, and doctor visits can fall within the $3 to $10 range.

CHIP benefits are diverse and include medical office visits, regular checkups, and vaccinations. Eye exams and even eyeglasses are covered. You also get coverage for mental health care and cleanings and fillings at the dental office. For uninsured pregnant women in Texas who are ineligible for Medicaid, there’s also the CHIP Prenatal for Texas residents.

Texas residents who are younger than 65 and have been categorized as medically uninsurable can also benefit from the Texas Health Insurance Risk Pool. Their dependents can also qualify for this particular coverage. The qualifications for eligibility include being deemed medically uninsurable by a health insurance carrier and having one of the qualifying preexisting medical conditions.

You can check out our Dallas Medicare page for details regarding particular Medicare plans in the Dallas area. If you are a Medicare beneficiary and you have questions regarding your benefits, you can find the answers from the Texas Health Information Counseling and Assistance Program (HICAP).