If you know where to look, health insurances in El Paso, Texas are widely available for individuals and families or business. HealthQuoteInfo has more than a hundred health insurance plans available for your city. We can even help you determine which one is best suited for your specific situation.

The first step is easy, as you only need to enter your zip code in our search bar. This will result in a display of various health insurance plans that are available for your area. These plans are from reputable carriers such as Sound, Golden Rule, Blue Cross, Humana, Cigna, and Aetna. You can compare the details of each plan listed so you can find out which one gives you the best coverage.

For those who may not be able to afford the costs of private health insurance, the state of Texas offers other alternatives. One such option is the federal Medicare program, and another is Medicaid. Medicare is for those who have a severe disability or who are older than 65 years of age. Medicaid is for those with low income and who therefore cannot afford private insurance. Some people can be qualified for both Medicare and Medicaid.

If you have questions about Medicare, you can pose your questions to the Texas Health Information Counseling and Assistance Program. HICAP provides one-on-one sessions to answer all questions regarding Medicare.

Some families may still be unable to afford private health insurance even though their incomes exceed the Medicaid income ceilings. In such cases, some groups such as pregnant women and children may be without health coverage at a time when they need the most medical attention.

For children under 18 in these families that are ineligible for Medicaid, Texas has the Children’s Health Insurance Program. While the costs of enrolment fees and copayments for the CHIP program will be affected by the income level of the applicant family, the costs of the health insurance for the child will still be comparatively low under CHIP. The enrolment fees won’t exceed $50 per family for each yearly term of eligibility. The vast majority of fees for physician visits and prescription medication will amount to within just $3 to $10.

Such low out-of-pocket fees are astounding, given the full range of healthcare services covered under CHIP. These services include visits to the doctor and regular checkups. Vaccines and eye exams are part of the package, and that provides coverage for the eyeglasses as well. Even dentist visits for teeth cleanings and fillings are covered, as well as mental health services.

What if the problem with the private health insurance market is that you’re deemed uninsurable? In that case, you may qualify for the Texas High-Risk Pool program for the medically uninsurable. The eligibility requirements include having one of the listed qualifying medical conditions, as well as being denied coverage by a private carrier for having that preexisting medical condition.