HealthQuoteInfo can lead you to the most suitable health insurance coverage in Fresno, CA for your business, family, or for individuals.

One way to find the right health insurance plan for you is to use our search bar. Enter your zip code, and you will then be shown various health insurance packages that are available for your location. You can then click on each result to find out more about the details involved in each plan. These plans come from stable private insurers including Kaiser, Blue Shield, Anthem, and Aetna. You can also find policies from Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net, and Tonik.

You can also contact us at HealthQuoteInfo if these private health insurance plans are unattainable and you wish to take advantage of the alternative options offered by the state of California. These various programs all have different and sometimes even complicated requirements, and we can help you determine if you’re eligible for any of them. You may also want to find if you’re eligible for Fresno Medicare.

The state offers its own Medicaid program called Medi-Cal, and its primary purpose is to provide the proper health insurance coverage for people whose income may be too low to afford private health insurance. The program specially caters to the needs of particular groups such as senior citizens and families with children. Coverage for pregnant women and children are included. Other people who may be eligible are those low-income people with significant diseases such as HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, and tuberculosis.

What if you’re not eligible for the free Medi-Cal program? The state still has other options for you, and these include the Healthy Families plan. This offers coverage for children ages 18 and below, and the services include coverage for medical, vision, and dental services. Even visits by specialists can be covered by this state program.

Some may not be able to obtain private health insurance due to a preexisting medical condition. For such people, California offers their high-risk pool plan called Major Risk Medical Insurance Program. The requirements include being a California resident who’s unable to obtain sufficient health insurance coverage, ineligible to buy insurance from the private market, and also ineligible for Part A and B of Medicare. This program will provide health insurance even for those who have these severe pre-existing conditions.

Businesses may also avail the small group plan that’s available for you if you employ at least two workers who are on the job a minimum of 30 hours a week each. If you apply for this plan, the California insurance carriers won’t be able to deny coverage for anyone even with a preexisting condition. However, the premiums will be affected by the health history of the workers you enroll. You also will have to make sure that you have all your business documentation in order including your tax forms.