HealthQuoteInfo offers more than 100 health insurance plans for Houston, TX residents. To know the details of each plan, you only have to enter your zip code in the search bar. The policies you may find include health insurance plans for individuals and families, from such carriers as UnitedHealthOne, Humana, Blue Cross, Cigna, Aetna, and others.

You can also get health insurance plans for groups and your small business. In addition to the private sector, you may also qualify for government health programs like CHIP, high-risk pool, and Texas Medicaid. These provide basic health insurance coverage if you can’t afford private plans or you’re deemed medically uninsurable. Contact HealthQuoteInfo, and we can determine whether you’re eligible for any of these plans.

The CHIP program, also known as the Children’s Health Insurance Program is for households that cannot afford private insurance but whose income exceeds Medicaid income ceilings. The enrollment fees and premiums are much more affordable as they’re based on the income of the family. Yearly enrollment fees for entire families do not go over $50, and the majority of copayments for medical clinic visits and prescription drugs only cost within $3 to $10.

Once you’re enrolled, the coverage includes medical clinic visits, regular checkups, eye exams and eyeglasses, and vaccines. It can also include the cleanings and fillings services in dental offices as well as mental health care.

For pregnant uninsured women who do not qualify for Medicaid, there’s also another option called CHIP Prenatal for Texas residents. Then there’s the high-risk pool, which is for adults below 65 years of age who have been classified as medically uninsurable by a health insurance carrier. The dependents of qualified applicants can also be covered by their plans.

The Texas Health Counseling and Assistance Program (HICAP) can assist Medicaid beneficiaries who have questions about their benefits and coverage, free of charge.