In Indianapolis, Indiana, you have numerous options when it comes to health insurance. In fact, we at HealthQuoteInfo can help you find more than 140 different health insurance plans in Indianapolis, IN for individuals or your family or business. Just enter your zip code in the search bar, and you’ll immediately get a list of available health insurance plans that are offered for your location.

All these plans come from various private carriers, and these are reputable firms like United Health One, Anthem, and the venerable Aetna which has been in the insurance business since 1853. But with so many plans available, you may have trouble choosing the one that gives you the best cover for your budget. Fortunately, you can find the details of each policy on the results list so that you see the differences among them.

However, these plans may all be either beyond your budget, or the private insurance sector considers you medically uninsurable because you have a preexisting medical condition that makes you too much of a risk. In that case, we can still help you lead you towards the right health insurance alternatives offered by the state. We can help find out whether or not you qualify for a particular state program, or if you are eligible for the Medicare Plans in Indianapolis.

At the state level, Indiana offers its Medicaid program known as Hoosiers HealthWise. It comes with several eligibility requirements, although the main hurdle is that your income cannot exceed the mandated income ceiling of the program. The Medicaid program is mainly for those families with low income and pregnant women and underprivileged children.

The cost of this program for those with low income is comparatively minimal. The benefits are broad, and they include doctor visits and regular checkups, medical prescriptions, and family planning. Services for vision, mental health, and even for oral care are part of the package. Hoosiers Health Wise also includes the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for children 18 years old and below, and this part is federally mandated.

Another option offered by the state is the Healthy Indiana Plan, otherwise known as HIP. The requirements can be a bit lengthy, though we at HealthQuoteInfo can work you through it if you contact us. Among the requirements include being an adult from 19 to 64 years of age and being uninsured and not eligible for employer-sponsored health insurance or Medicaid. You have to be uninsured for at least six months before you can even apply.

There are also income requirements, and to qualify for HIP your household income must be within 22% to 200% of the federal poverty level. In Indiana, the FPL is $20,780 for a family of 3. So to qualify for the income requirements, your annual household income for your family of 3 should range from $4,571.60 to $41,560. The coverage payments won’t exceed 5% of your gross family income. So if your income is at the maximum at $41,560 then the most you need to pay for this coverage is $1,039 per year.

The benefits are quite comprehensive, as the program covers inpatient and outpatient hospital services, doctor services, and medical prescriptions. HIP also covers family planning, preventive services, and diagnostic services. Some low-income residents may enjoy additional discounts with their prescriptions through the RX for Indiana program.

Some Indiana residents may not be able to obtain private health insurance at all due to a preexisting medical condition. The state offers an alternative called the Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association, and we can help you determine whether you meet the many requirements of this high-risk pool health insurance program.