Some people in Kansas City, Missouri may not have an easy time finding the right health insurance plan for themselves, for their family and children, or for their business. But our job here at HealthQuoteInfo is to help so that this search is so much easier. We can lead residents to viable health insurance packages in Kansas City, MO and these come from reputable brands like Humana, Golden Rule, Aetna, Anthem, and BCBS.

To find these plans if you’re a resident of Kansas City, you need to locate our search bar and then enter your zip code. You’ll get a list of the plans that are for your area. Click on each policy and find out more about the details of each package. You can then determine which plan is best for you, though we can help with that process as well.

In fact, we can also help if you discover that the health insurance options from the private market may not suit your particular circumstances. For those who are uninsurable or are otherwise limited by their budget, the state of Missouri offers more attainable alternatives, and we can help you see if you meet the requirements for each program. We can also help guide you to apply for Medicare if you’re eligible.

Missouri offers Medicaid as an alternative for private health insurance, and it’s focused on providing coverage for low-income families with children, newborn infants, and pregnant women. Missouri’s Medicaid program is called MO HealthNet, and it offers qualified applicants such benefits as coverage for a wide range of medical services. These include inpatient hospital care, prescriptions, and laboratory services. You may also get vision, dental, and mental health services, along with preventive care.

With the MO HealthNet for Kids, underprivileged children in Missouri may get additional benefits. These benefits can be enjoyed by Medicaid beneficiaries. But even the children of families whose annual income exceed the Medicaid limits can also receive the benefits if their families cannot yet afford to pay for private health insurance.

The requirements for MO HealthNet for Kids can be complicated, but you can contact us so we can help you understand the eligibility rules more clearly. The regulations specify that this is for children under 19 years old who cannot afford private health insurance, who have been uninsured for six months, and whose family assets are worth less than $250,000 net.

Those who are uninsured by the private market due to a preexisting medical condition can still have the coverage they need through the Missouri Health Insurance Pool. These are handled by Blue Shield and Blue Cross Blue Shield, and the benefits are remarkably similar to what you get in the private sector.