In Knoxville, Tennessee you should not have any problem finding health insurance options. At HealthQuoteInfo, we can help you access more than 90 different health insurance plans in Knoxville, TN to provide coverage for individuals, families, and business organizations.

What’s more difficult is deciding on which particular plan will be best for you. The plans we can show you are from trustworthy carriers such as Golden Rule, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and BCBS. However, you can start by entering your zip code into our search bar so you can find the available health insurance options for your location. You can then check each option and find out more about the details of each so you can see which ones are best for your situation.

The state of Tennessee does acknowledge the possibility that these private health insurance plans may be unavailable or unaffordable for specific groups of residents. This possibility is why the state offers several public health insurance programs that can stand as a more accessible option. You can contact us with your questions regarding any of these public programs, and we can start helping you by finding out if you’re eligible for any of them.

Tennessee’s Medicaid program is one of those main alternatives, and here it’s called TennCare. If you’re qualified for this, using it is much like using a regular private health insurance plan. The difference is that instead of the insurance company paying for the bulk of your bills, the state of Tennessee covers the payments.

Medicaid is for those people with lower incomes, so understandably the premiums are lower as well. But the range of covered medical services is quite extensive. The services include emergency services, checkups, long-term support, and payments for prescription drugs.

Some children may belong to families whose annual income isn’t enough to cover the costs of private health insurance premiums, but this income may still go over the income ceiling that Medicaid requires. Instead of allowing children to become uninsured, Tennessee offers its CoverKids program for under-18 children who meet the requirements. The health coverage is free, yet the child enjoys many of the coverage benefits that are offered in private health insurance plans. These can include doctor visits, hospital care, preventive care services, vision, mental, and also dental coverage as well. Vaccinations and mental health services are also covered.

Tennessee also has a high risk pool for those with preexisting medical conditions that make them uninsurable in the private market. It’s called AccessTN, and it offers comprehensive health insurance for those who may remain uninsured if they’re relying on private carriers only. The self-employed and small business owners can also obtain health insurance through their work and the state’s CoverTN program. It offers basic coverage at very low costs for otherwise uninsured workers who are employed by qualified businesses.

CoverRX is another option, though it’s technically not a health insurance plan. It’s more of a pharmacy assistance plan that makes prescription drugs more affordable for those who don’t have pharmacy coverage in their health insurance plans. There are no monthly premiums, but qualified participants can end up only paying a fraction of the costs for any of the 250 generic medications included in the program.