If you live in LA and are looking for affordable health insurance, HealthQuoteInfo offers more than a hundred health insurance plans for you to choose from. These Los Angeles health insurances include plans for families and individuals, as well as plans for groups and small businesses. Our insurance providers include Tonik, Health Net, Anthem Blue Cross, and Aetna. You can also find health insurance plans from Kaiser, Blue Shield, and Anthem. To see how these plans differ from each other, check out the details of all plans available in your location by simply entering your zip code in the search bar.

The plans you can find here are joined by various specialty plans, including Medicare. For Los Angeles, we also have government programs like California for Medicaid (Medi-Cal), MRMIP, and Healthy Families. Health plans for those with preexisting medical conditions are available as well, along with plans for low-income families.

Medi-Cal is the term used to refer to California’s Medicaid program, and its main objective is to provide public health insurance plans for low-income families who cannot afford to get their plans from the private sector. Although they don’t cost as much, the coverage can be extensive. These plans can pay for health care services for various types off special groups including senior citizens, families with children, children in foster care, and pregnant women. People with specific medical conditions such as HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, and tuberculosis can also be eligible. Visit this page for further details.

MRMIP stands for Major Risk Medical Insurance Program, and it offers basic health coverage for those who are medically uninsurable due to preexisting conditions. If you qualify, it means that the state of California can help pay for the cost of care.

MRMIP does have a rather substantial list of requirements. Aside from being a California resident, you have to be ineligible for Parts A and B of Medicare, ineligible under COBRA, and you’re also unable to obtain sufficient health insurance coverage. Funding for MRMIP is somewhat limited, so there’s a waiting list as well.

For more information on MRMIP to see if you are eligible for this program, you can get more details here. You can also navigate our own Los Angeles Medicare page for more details on various Los Angeles Medicare plans.

Parents and guardians of uninsured children who don’t qualify for Medi-Cal can still get affordable health insurance through the Healthy Families Program. The benefits include coverage for medical, dental, and vision services.

To find out if your children are eligible, you can always visit this page for a full list of qualifications and benefits.