Private carriers such as Humana, Golden Rule Aetna, and Anthem all offer different types of health insurance plans in Louisville, KY. We at HealthQuoteInfo can help you find them, as you can use our search bar. Enter your zip code, and you’ll get a list of health insurance plans available for the people in your area.

At HealthQuoteInfo you can find the details of each pan and determine which of these plans best suits your needs. You can also contact us so that your plan is the right one for yourself, your family, or your small business.

You can also contact us directly if you realize that these private health insurance plans are too expensive for your budget. We can then together check to see if you’re qualified for any of the health insurance programs offered by the state of Kentucky. Most of these plans come with much more affordable costs, and they can also help ensure the otherwise uninsurable. The state also offers Medicare plans in Louisville.

These carriers can also offer health insurance through the workplace if you’re self-employed and you have a minimum of 2 workers working at least 30 hours a week. As a rule, the carriers won’t be able to deny your application outright, although you need to make sure that the paperwork has been handled correctly. The premiums may also go up depending on the health history of your workers.

Kentucky also has a Medicaid program for those whose income keeps them from obtaining health insurance through the private market. The premiums here are much lower, yet the benefits are very similar to what you can get from private carriers. The coverage includes doctor visits, hospital care, and mental health care services. It also covers dental services and family planning.

Children under the age of 19 won’t have to go without insurance, just because their parents are earning too much for Medicaid but too low for the family to afford private health insurance. These children can enjoy a wide variety of medical benefits for free or at a low cost through the Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Plan or KCHIP. Covered services include hospital care, doctor visits, lab services, mental health services, and even dental services. However, if you or your child is a beneficiary, you will still have to make copayments for prescription drugs.

The final option is the state’s high-risk pool. It offers similar coverage for medical services, but this time applicants aren’t denied coverage because of preexisting medical conditions. You may be deemed uninsurable by the private market, but not by the Kentucky Access High Risk Pool.