The residents of Milwaukee, WI are like everyone else in the country. They need proper health insurance to help cover high medical costs. At HealthQuoteInfo we can help residents make an informed decision regarding Milwaukee health insurance plans.

These plans come from well-known private carriers like Humana, Golden Rule, and Anthem. Their plans offer coverage for families and businesses as well as for individuals.

If you live in Milwaukee, you can find the health insurance plans for your area simply by entering your zip code in our search bar. You’ll then get the details of the various plans that you can choose from. Aside from the private market, the state also offers various public programs that can serve as more affordable options for those with lower income. These programs do have some rather complicated eligibility requirements, but you can contact us to help discover if you and your family can qualify for the benefits they offer.

One of the main alternatives for private health insurance is Medicaid, which is often run by the state. In Wisconsin, Medicaid is known as ForwardHealth and they’re the more viable choice for those who find private insurance too expensive. It does have household income ceilings, while other eligible applicants include children younger than 19 years of age, senior citizens, and those with disabilities.

A special Medicaid program in Wisconsin is called BadgerCare Plus, and it provides basic healthcare access to various groups. These include children under the age of 19, who can all enroll in the program if they’re Wisconsin residents regardless of their household family income. Other groups that may receive benefits are pregnant women, uninsured adults whose income is at the most twice that of the federal poverty level, parents whose income is also twice that of the FPL and they have kids in foster care, self-employed and farming families, young adults who are leaving foster care as they turn 18, and even parents and caretakers who may be earning more income.

The Wisconsin Well Woman Program focuses on providing health-screening services to women from ages 45 to 64 who may not have adequate health insurance. The services covered include testing for multiple sclerosis, pap tests, mammograms, and other health screenings. Qualified applicants must meet income requirements and their insurance must lack coverage for screenings and checkups.

Those who are denied coverage in the private health insurance market due to a preexisting medical condition may get the coverage from the state’s Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan. The HIRSP offers coverage for a wide range of medical services, including hospital treatments and lab work, various types of screenings and preventive services, home care, regular checkups, family planning, and services for vision and hearing care.