Residents of Orange County in California have numerous options for health insurance. In fact, with the help of HealthQuoteInfo, they can check out more than 80 of those plans that offer coverage to individuals, families, and small businesses.

To do so, all you need to do is to use the search bar by entering your zip code. You can then find a list of suitable health insurance plans in Orange County, CA from carriers like Kaiser, Blue Shield, Aetna, Tonik, Health Net, and Anthem Blue Cross. You can also study the details of each policy so that you’re better able to determine the right plan for your needs.

The state of California also offers several alternative programs for health insurance should the search through the private market prove unfruitful. These programs all have specific qualifying requirements, and we can help determine whether you’re eligible for any of them.

For low-income families and individuals, along with groups with special health needs, California offers its Medicaid program. Called Medi-Cal, it’s financed by both the state and federal government and it provides similar benefits and covered health services that you would find in many private health insurance plans. The main difference is that for Medi-Cal, the costs are generally much lower and often free. That’s because it’s mainly for lower-income beneficiaries, and there’s an income limit for qualifying applicants.

It is possible that some families may not qualify for the free Medi-Cal program, and that can reduce the children’s access to affordable health care. It’s for that reason California offers their Healthy Families program as a way to make sure that uninsured children still get low-cost insurance. There are income and citizenship requirements, and qualifying applicants include those who are also unable to procure health insurance through their employer. These benefits can last until the 19th birthday of the child.

If the issue for your lack of health insurance is because of a preexisting medical condition, the state can step in to provide the coverage you need if the private market denies your application. This is possible through the state’s Major Risk Medical Insurance Program, and to qualify you must be unable to obtain sufficient health insurance coverage including from Medicare, COBRA, or CalCOBRA.

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for seniors, while the COBRA programs are about health insurance through your employers.