Philadelphia is one of the major cities in the United States, so it stands to reason that residents of the most populous urban center in Pennsylvania can find numerous health insurance plans to choose from.

That’s even easier with the help of HealthQuoteInfo, which offers more than 100 Philadelphia health insurance plans that offer coverage for individuals, families, and businesses. As a Philadelphian, you can find the plans available for your area just by entering your zip code into our search bar. You will then find details of plans from carriers such as Highmark, Assurant, Aetna, Coventry, and United Health One.

Medicare is also available and you can contact us if you have any questions regarding Medicare in Pennsylvania.

The state of Pennsylvania also offers public health insurance programs should you find the private plans too expensive or otherwise unobtainable. One of these programs is the high-risk pool alternative. It comes with rather complicated eligibility requirements, but should you meet them then you will be able to purchase health insurance from Blue Cross and Blue Shield without the possibility of being denied due to a preexisting medical condition.

Pennsylvania, of course, has its own version of Medicaid, which designed to work just like regular health insurance plans except that the costs of your healthcare can be substantially lower. It also offers coverage to various groups, such as senior citizens and people with disabilities. However, to enjoy the coverage benefits and the low costs, you must meet the income requirements as this program is expressly for low-income families and individuals.

It is possible that as an adult (ages 19 to 64) you may not be able to qualify for Medicaid even as your income still won’t stretch to let you buy private health insurance. In that case, you may instead qualify for the state’s adultBasic program. This comes with less stringent qualifying standards than Medicaid, and its costs are still lower than what you would have to spend for private health insurance. The medical services covered by this program include doctor services (including specialists as well as your primary care physician), emergency services, and hospital stays. Maternity care is also included.

The children of families who don’t qualify for Medicaid and who also can’t afford private insurance may obtain health insurance through the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program. There is no income limit to join CHIP, although your enrollment fees and premiums increase in proportion to your family income. Still, the premiums are comparatively lower than what you would pay for private health insurance. Children under the program can enjoy coverage for services such as doctor visits and regular checkups, vision care and eyeglasses, dental visits for cleanings and fillings, vaccines, and even mental health services.