If you’re a Sacramento resident who is having difficulty finding the appropriate health insurance package, you can always count on HealthQuoteInfo to offer the assistance you need. All you have to do is contact us and we can help you to find the most suitable Sacramento health insurance package for your circumstances.

The health insurance plans available offer health insurance for individuals, or it can be for members of a family or for the employees of a business. Sacramento residents can check out various plans offered by private carriers such as Blue Shield, TonikHealth Net, and Aetna. You can also pick from among the plans from Anthem, Kaiser, and Anthem Blue Cross.

For a quick list of health insurance plans for your area, just enter your zip code in our search bar. You can then compare the merits of each plan by comparing the details to see which plan suits your needs best.

Among these plans, you may find a small group plan that can provide the basic health insurance coverage you need for yourself and for your employees if you own a business. You just need to make sure that your paperwork is in order, and you should have a minimum of 2 workers on the job working for at least 30 hours a week each. Carriers in California cannot deny coverage in this case even if the applicant has a preexisting medical condition, but the charges and premiums will be affected by the health history of the employees you enroll.

Of course, it is entirely possible that your health insurance may be best served by a public program offered by the state. For seniors and for those who have a severe disability, there’s Medicare which provides health coverage regardless of the income.

If you have very low income that the cost of private health insurance is out of your reach, you may qualify for Medicaid. In California, this is called California for Medicaid or Medi-Cal for short. The state pays for your medical bills when you need healthcare services, but the premiums can be very low or even nonexistent. However, there is an income limit, as the program is reserved for families with very low income.

California also has the Access for Infants and Mothers program, or AIM. This is for uninsured women who do not benefit from Medi-Cal or Part A and B of Medicare. If you insured by a private carrier, your plan should have a separate maternity copayment or deductible of more than $500.

If you qualify for AIM, your total expenses will amount to just 1.5% of your adjusted annual household income. The AIM coverage extends up to 2 months after you give birth, the children can then be enrolled into the Healthy Families Program.

Healthy Families is the program that offers health insurance for children whose family income exceeds the Medi-Cal limits but is still not enough to afford private health insurance. It’s for California kids under than 19 years of age, and it offers various health, dental, and vision care services at very low cost.

The people who were denied basic coverage by the private sector due to a preexisting condition can still obtain health insurance through the Major Risk Medical Insurance Program offered by the state.