There are plenty of options for health insurance in San Diego, CA, and part of our job at HealthQuoteInfo is to help you find them quickly. San Diego residents can start with our search bar where they can just enter their zip code. This will display a list of health insurance plans from which you can choose the most suitable option for your needs.

Here you can find as many as 80 different plans from which to choose from. Some of these are for individuals, while other packages are for families and employees and owners of small businesses. These plans come from private carriers like Health Net, Aetna, Tonik, and Anthem Blue Cross. You can also find plans from Kaiser and Blue Shield.

If the private market cannot provide the health insurance you need for your circumstances, the state of California offers public programs as alternatives. You can contact us, and together we can figure out whether you’re eligible for any of these programs.

Medicare solutions are available for people with severe disabilities as well as senior citizens. There’s no income requirement to qualify for this program.

For those who find the cost of private health insurance too expensive, they may discover California’s Medicaid alternative more suitable. Called Medi-Cal, this program is reserved for people with special needs and limited income. Under this program, a wide range of medical services can be obtained for free.

Some families may not have the income to afford private health insurance yet they may be earning too much to qualify for Medi-Cal. In such cases, the children of these families can still have low-cost insurance through the state’s Healthy Families program. It covers the needs of children up to their 19th birthday, and these benefits include health services, vision care, and dental health services as well.

The private sector may also be unable or unwilling to provide proper health insurance for those with severe pre-existing medical conditions, and they may reject such people as medically uninsurable. These are the people whose needs are served by the state’s Major Risk Medical Insurance Program (MRMIP). The program does have a long waiting list, but you can qualify if you have been unable to secure health insurance due to your pre-existing condition.