Both the private sector and the state government offer many types of plans to help residents obtain proper health insurance coverage in San Francisco, CA. Health Quote Info can show you more than 80 health plans for San Francisco, CA.

All you have to do is enter your zip code in our search bar, and you’ll get a list of health plans offering coverage for individuals or groups like families and small businesses. These insurance plans are provided by reputable private carriers like Aetna, Tonik, Anthem Blue Cross, and Kaiser offering various packages for health insurance. You can also find other offerings from Health Net and Blue Shield.

Some families may not find these private health insurance plans all that accessible, as they can be quite expensive. Others may be refused coverage even if they can afford the policies because they already have a preexisting medical condition.

California residents may turn to the public health insurance programs offered by the state, as well as the federal programs like Medicare which cater to the needs of the disabled and elderly regardless of income. You can also contact us for more information and guidance so that you can find out whether you meet the eligibility requirements of any of these programs.

California also offers Medi-Cal, which is the state’s name for their Medicaid program. This enables low-income families to obtain health insurance at virtually no cost. They can receive a multitude of medical services, and the state can bear the expenses. It’s very much like private health insurance, with the state paying for the health care services instead of the private carriers.

For families who are ineligible or not enrolled in the Medi-Cal program (usually due to exceeding the income requirements), their children can still have basic health coverage through California’s Healthy Families program. This is for children who haven’t yet reached their 19th birthday, and who can comply with the citizenship or immigrant requirements. To qualify, they must show that they don’t have any insurance through their employer for the last three months. There are also income restrictions as well. The infants born to mothers who qualified for the Access for Infants and Mothers program can also qualify for Healthy Families.

California also runs their Major Risk Medical Insurance Program for those who have a pre-existing medical condition that keeps them from obtaining health insurance through the private sector. Contact us if you’re in similar circumstances in California, and we can help determine whether you meet this program’s eligibility requirements.

If you do qualify for the MRMIP, your premiums will be supplemented by the state. Qualifying for this program can take a while as there’s a waiting list due to limitations on the program’s funding.