Those living in Santa Clara have numerous options to choose from when it comes to health insurance. The state offers options for individual coverage, as well as health coverage for entire families and the employees of a small business. Even those who have preexisting medical conditions or whose income may be too low can still obtain the proper health insurance in Santa Clara, CA if they know where to look.

If you live in Santa Clara, HealthQuoteInfo can help you find at least 80 different health insurance plans, and one of them may suit your needs best. These plans come from a variety of private carriers, such as Aetna, Blue Shield, and Anthem. They may also be offered by Tonik, Kaiser, and Health Net.

Just enter your zip code in our search bar, and you’ll be shown all the insurance plans for your location. You can study each plan more closely and compare them to determine which one is best for you.

California residents have alternative options such as Medicare. This program offers essential health coverage for senior citizens over the age of 65, as well as for those with severe disabilities.

Medicaid is another option, and in California, it’s called Medi-Cal. It comes with several eligibility requirements, foremost of which is the income restriction. This program is designed to provide health coverage for lower-income families and other groups with special needs. If you do qualify, you’ll find that this health insurance is free.

Some families, however, falls into the “no man’s land” of income levels. This is when the family’s household income isn’t enough to afford private health insurance yet it still exceeds the income limits of Medi-Cal.

In such cases, the children of these families can still enjoy basic health coverage through California’s Healthy Families program. If they’re unable to procure insurance by other means, then this program can make sure that the qualified children can receive low-cost medical services until they reach their 19th birthday.

If you’re unable to obtain health insurance from the private sector because of your preexisting condition, it doesn’t mean you are medically uninsurable. That may be true with private carriers, but the state has formed a Major Risk Medical Insurance Program. While there’s a waiting list for inclusion in the program due to its limited budget, once you’re in you can still enjoy proper health insurance even with your preexisting medical condition.