Whether you’re looking for health insurance for individuals, families, or small business, you can find the right health insurance plan in Seattle, WA. The private market offers plenty of choices, with health insurance plans coming from the likes of Aetna, RegenceClark, Cigna, and Regence BS. You can also find plans from Lifewise and Group Health. HealthQuoteInfo can show you up to 50 health insurance plans right away.

To take a closer look at these plans and determine the best one for yourself, use our search bar and enter your zip code. You’ll find all the plans available for your location. You can compare them to one another to see which plan suits you best.

If the private market health insurance plans are too expensive or otherwise unobtainable for you, there are still other options. Those living in Washington State can apply for programs such as Medicare, which caters to the needs of the severely disabled and the elderly.

Another option is Washington Medicaid, which focuses on providing health insurance coverage at lower costs for low-income families and individuals. This program may also provide for the health insurance needs of such groups as children, pregnant women, and other people with special needs.

Families whose incomes exceed Medicaid limits yet are insufficient to afford private health insurance won’t have to make do without proper coverage for their children either. Washington has the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. The eligibility requirements for this program mirror the qualifying factors for Medicaid, but the main difference is that with the SCHIP the income ceiling for qualifying families is higher. Children who are eligible for this program can enjoy their benefits until they turn 19.

The state offers many other ways for their residents to receive medical services at a lower cost other than through health insurance. Many community clinics charge according to their patients’ income, so the very poor won’t have to pay much at all. Some clinics even offer free medical services, with supplies donated by charitable donors.

Hospitals offer charity care for those who do not have the means to cover their hospital bills. The state also provides prescription assistance to uninsured residents, so that even those without health insurance won’t have to pay the full price for prescription medication.

However, if you’re uninsured not because of your low income but because of a preexisting medical condition, then you don’t have to remain uninsured for long. The Washington State Health Insurance Pool (WSHIP) gives qualified individuals with preexisting conditions the chance to have basic health insurance.