The private health insurance market in St. Louis offers numerous types of plans for individuals and groups like families and employees. The state of Missouri also offers alternative St.Louis health insurance options if these private plans are impractical for the residents.

With the help of HealthQuoteInfo, you can find more than 150 different plans if you’re a St. Louis resident. Enter your zip code into our search bar, and the results will provide you with a list of viable plans.

These come from companies like Humana, Golden Rule, Aetna, and Anthem. You can closely study each plan to find the details that differentiate one from another, though you can also contact us for assistance to make it easier for you to pick among 150 options.

The state also offers public health insurance options, although these may have complex eligibility requirements before you can join. Again you can contact us so we can help explain the various qualifying factors and we can see if you are eligible for a particular program.

Medicare is available for St. Louis residents, and this program is focused on serving the health insurance of the elderly and the people with severe disabilities. Another option is Medicaid, which in the state of Missouri is called MO HealthNet. This program offers the same coverage for medical services that you can get from a private plan. The main difference is that this plan is much more affordable as it is geared towards low-income individuals and families. People with special needs (including children and pregnant women) can also qualify for MO HealthNet.

Whether or not your family is eligible for MO HealthNet, children in the state can still obtain proper health insurance if their family cannot afford the cost of private plans. This is through the state’s MO HealthNet for Kids program. The children of Medicaid families can qualify, but the children of some other families who are ineligible for Medicaid can still be accepted into the program. They have to be uninsured for six months, and their net family assets should not exceed $250,000 in value.

Those who have no insurance from the private sector because of a preexisting medical condition can also enjoy the same health insurance benefits as other people if they can qualify for the Missouri Health Insurance Pool. We can help you find out if you can be eligible for this program as well.