Those living in Washington DC have access to numerous health insurance options. They can find plans that can cover their individual needs, or offer coverage for family members and business employees. You can find Washington DC health insurance plans in the private market, though you can also make use of public health insurance programs if they qualify.

HealthQuoteInfo can help you in many ways so that you can find the right health plan for your needs. We can help you choose from the private plans, or help you find out if you qualify for public programs offered by the government.

You can also enter your zip code in our search bar to find the health insurance plans available for your location. This enables you to study the details of each plan so you can see the most suitable package. These plans come from a variety of private carriers, including Aetna, Humana, Golden Rule, Cigna, and BCBS.

Washington DC residents can also avail of Medicare benefits if they meet the requirements, while low-income families can get health insurance coverage from DC Medicaid if their income reaches the limits set by the plan.

If your family doesn’t meet the Medicaid limits but are too low to let you buy private plans, the city still can help you find health insurance for your family with their DC Healthy Families program.

Part of the requirements limits incomes to just twice the federal poverty level. The FPL for a family of 5 is $29,420, so you can join in if your income does not exceed $58,840 and you meet the other requirements as well. If you’re only enrolling your children for this program, the income ceiling increases to 3x the FPL, or in this case $88,260.

Another similar program is the DC Health Care Alliance. You can receive a wide range of medical services including hospital services, home health care, and even dental. You’re qualified if your income doesn’t exceed a certain level and you’re not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid.

Every resident of the city can also avail the benefits of the DC Rx Prescription Drug Discount Card. This card offers discounts for commonly prescribed medications. These include generic and even brand name drugs. This card is free for everyone, and there are no enrollment forms or fees. There are no limits on how often you use it either. There’s no excuse not to have this card, just as there’s no excuse not to have health insurance.