23 Aug 2017

The Cost of a Dental Cleaning without Health Insurance

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The Cost of a Dental Cleaning without Health Insurance

A crucial component of your overall health involves taking care of your teeth and gums, which means it’s essential to visit the dentist regularly and remember to properly brush and floss. Sadly, millions of Americans neglect their oral health and wait until there’s an emergency before taking action. A segment of the population does not have health insurance, meaning they have to pay out of their pocket for regular dental services. So, we’ve created this guide in regards to how much a routine cleaning will cost you if you’re uninsured.

What Does A Routine Appointment Involve?

The human body naturally produces a substance called plaque that coats the teeth and gums. Plaque cyclically forms after 24 hours and if it’s not properly removed, it hardens and starts to decay over time. A regular cleaning prevents this build up and is the only way to properly remove the callous substance.

During a normal check-up, the dentist will also ask for a few x-rays, which can provide a view of what’s happening beneath the surface. You typically have to wear large goggles and a heavy piece of lead armor to ensure the rays don’t penetrate your upper body. The results can indicate if you have a rotten or decaying tooth that’s going to need a filling, extraction or other types of dental intervention.

How Much Does It Cost?

The truth is that it really varies depending on where you live in the nation. Some states are less expensive compared to others and it usually has something to do with the number of dentists in the area. For example in a big city, there are tons of dental offices, which create competition and naturally drive down the price of routine cleanings. However, in a small town, it’s usually the opposite, as there may be only one dentist to serve the entire population, which therefore drives up the price.

The Academy of Dental CPAs and Dental Economics did some research in 2016 and compiled an average price based on the region. Here are the results.

Northeast region

  • Comprehensive exam:  $101
  • Cleaning: $110


  • Comprehensive exam: $90
  • Cleaning: $95

Midwest region

  • Comprehensive exam: $85
  • Cleaning: $92

Southern US region

  • Comprehensive exam: $84
  • Cleaning: $88

Mountain region

  • Comprehensive exam: $89
  • Cleaning: $97

What If You’re Insured?

Routine dental services are usually 100 percent covered, whether you have a job-based plan or one that you purchased through HealthCare.gov or the state-based exchange. Insurance companies typically allow for two visits a year that involve cleaning, fluoride treatment, and x-rays. Remember the insurance company is looking to save money in the long run, which is why they’re willing to expend money on preventative measures.

Do You Have More Questions?

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