Since 1929, Blue Cross Blue Shield has been serving the needs of more than 106 million Americans nationwide. In over 96% of hospitals in all 50 states, the company works tirelessly to provide quality and affordable health care. If you’re thinking about purchasing a plan, we’ve compiled a guide of frequently asked questions about Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Blue Cross Blue Shield in Your State

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What States Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Operate In?

The insurance company operates in all states including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. According to their website, Blue Cross Blue Shield and their subsidiaries insure one in three Americans across the country.

What Is Considered Preventive Health Care For Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Preventive care is care you should get on a regular basis to stay healthy and prevent illness or other health problems. The types of care involve screenings, services, and counseling, which are covered 100% on your health plan. Preventive care is also important because you can find out early on if you’re developing a health problem. Services such as thyroid tests and urine tests are not covered under preventive care.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Cover Abortions?

Yes, Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans do cover this elective procedure, although not in every state. This is due to the Hyde Amendment, which effectively bans federal funding from going to abortion clinics in 32 states. This makes it extremely difficult for women to get access to this procedure in parts of the country unless the mother or child is in mortal danger. On the other end of the spectrum, there are a dozen states where abortion is easily accessible and properly funded, including California, Washington, and Oregon (to name just a few).

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Mental Health?

Yes. Blue Cross Blue Shield covers a variety of mental health services, treatments, and medications. Mental health harm reduction, medication management, and therapy are the three main areas covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield. These services help people who face emotional issues, substance abuse, and mental illness on a daily basis. It is important to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist if you’re experiencing any of these issues.

Is Anthem Part Of Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Yes. Anthem is the largest American health insurance company in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Under its trademark, ANTHEM, are Anthem Blue Cross, Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance, which are all independent licensees of the Blue Cross Association.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Dental?

Blue Cross Blue Shield members can access something called DentaQuest. This program covers a range of basic dental services including bi-annual teeth cleaning, examinations, and a set of x-rays. However, DentaQuest does not cover dental implants, cosmetic procedures, or teeth whitening.