Blue Cross Blue Shield of PA Health Insurance

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the top insurance providers in Pennsylvania. BCBS is a household name, and the company offers a large selection of insurance plans. People can select from various network options when purchasing health insurance from this company. Highmark BCBS also provides a variety of Medicare plans for eligible residents.

Types of Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance in Pennsylvania

Highmark BCBS offers various network options for people in Pennsylvania. The My Community Blue Flex PPO offers “Standard” and “Enhanced” in-network options. Standard plans have higher out-of-pocket costs while also offering access to more providers.

My Connect Blue EPO plans also offer “Standard” and “Enhanced” levels as well as a “Preferred” option. The “Preferred” option has the lowest copays. People who select one of these plans must see providers in the network except in case of an emergency.

Choosing a Pharmacy

Highmark BCBS classifies pharmacies as “Premier,” “Focused,” and “Medicare.” The company uses Express Scripts to manage its “Focused” pharmacy plans.

PA Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Plans

Highmark BCBS in Pennsylvania offers Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug, and Medigap plans. Medicare Advantage Plans are available as an HMO or PPO. Those who want to see providers outside of the network and do not want to select a primary care provider need to choose a PPO.

Choosing a Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Plan in Pennsylvania

Choosing a health insurance plan doesn’t have to be difficult. Get help by speaking with a licensed health insurance agent. Call 1-855-881-0430 to compare plans and select the right one.