Blue Cross Blue Shield Virginia Health Insurance

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Virginia is one of the top insurers in the state. The company offers HMO and POS plans as well as Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental plans. People should familiarize themselves with the offerings before making a decision.

Types of Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Plans in Virginia

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Virginia offers two types of health insurance plans. People can choose from health maintenance organization (HMO) plans or point of service (POS) plans.

HMO plans only cover in-network expenses. People who go out of the network are responsible for 100 percent of the costs, with the exception of emergency services.

POS plans allow people to seek medical care both in and out of the network. When people go to a provider that is located outside of the network, they will have to pay a higher copay, coinsurance, or deductible.

BCBS also offers travel coverage. This allows people to access urgent or emergency care when they are traveling to any of the 50 states. People can go to any urgent or emergency care facility, but they will pay less when they use a BlueCard provider.

Choosing a Pharmacy

BCBS of Virginia has a drug list available for members. All the drugs on the list meet or exceed ACA requirements. The list includes the amount the insured will be responsible for when filling the prescription. Typically, higher-tiered drugs cost more than lower-tiered medications. BCBS allows people to save money with the Home Delivery Choice.

Virginia Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Plans

BCBS of Virginia offers Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans. Some of the Medicare Advantage plans include dental, vision, hearing, and drug coverage. It also offers the Anthem MediBlue Dual Advantage (HMO SNP) that includes Essential Extras, such as a personal home helper, day center visits, and healthy food deliveries.

Choosing a Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Plan in Virginia

Anthem BCBS of Virginia is one of the top insurance providers, and it offers lots of options for residents. Going through the options and finding the right one can be difficult. Don’t try to do it on your own. Call 1-855-881-0430 to speak to a licensed insurance agent.