Humana is currently the third largest insurance provider in the US and has been in operation for nearly 60 years. Based out of Kentucky, the insurance giant has been in the headlines over the last year for the proposed merger with fellow insurer Aetna. If you’re thinking about purchasing a Humana plan, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

Does Humana Cover Abortions?

Humana provides abortion services in certain situations. Below are the instances in which Humana will cover the cost of an abortion:

  • The woman suffers from a physical disorder, physical injury or physical illness, including a life-endangering physical condition caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself that would place the woman in danger of death unless an abortion is performed.
  • The pregnancy was the result of an act of rape.
  • The pregnancy was the result of an act of incest.

Does Humana Cover Birth Control?

Yes, Humana does provide birth control coverage. It’s important to note that cheaper plans tend to include only the generic formulations of the drug. Also, some policies do not ensure the full cost of the drug, meaning you’ll have to pay the remainder out-of-pocket. For more information, always read the fine print of your plan and ask questions to your insurance broker.

What States Is Humana Pulling Out Of?

In February 2017, Humana announced it was pulling out of the Obamacare exchange in 2018. The decision comes as the health insurance company stated the constraints of the Affordable Care Act were too strict, according to CNBC.

Does Humana Cover Dental?

Yes, Humana offers a range of policies that offer dental care. The most basic plans provide preventative care, which refers mainly to an oral exam and semiannual teeth cleanings. The more expensive plans also provide preventative measures but can include orthodontics, dental implants, and extractions.

Is Humana A Medicare Advantage Plan?

Humana is a for-profit American health insurance company, which also offers Medicare benefits. You can check your eligibility to enroll in Medicare by visiting the Humana website. Most of the time, individuals are required to have both Medicare Part A and Part B and live in an area where the Medicare Advantage Plan is available.

Does Humana Cover Chiropractic Care?

It depends entirely on your plan. Some Humana policies provide chiropractic care as a pain-relieving alternative. In some cases, a physician will have to write a note or a prescription stating all other options have been exhausted.

Does Humana Cover Medical Supplies?

Yes, but it depends entirely on your Humana plan. Basic plans do not include medical supplies while the more expensive ones can cover respirators and defibrillators.

Does Humana Cover Nursing Home Care?

Yes, certain Humana plans do provide nursing home care. This is primarily geared towards seniors who need additional care. Most individuals over the age of 65 are covered under Medicare, but it doesn’t cover everything, including nursing care. Check the fine print of the Humana plan to find it if it includes this kind of service.

Did Humana And Aetna Merge?

No, in 2017, the two insurance giants tried to merge. A federal judge eventually blocked the move on the grounds it would decrease competition, meaning Americans would have fewer options when it came time to purchase a plan. The merger was reportedly worth $37 billion.