Humana Health Insurance Ohio

Humana offers various insurance options around the United States. In 2017, the company stopped selling individual medical insurance, but people in Ohio can still get Medicare, dental, and vision coverage from Humana.

Humana Medicare Plans in Ohio

Humana offers several choices for Medicare recipients, including Medicare Advantage plans. Humana Gold Plus HMO plans are a top choice for Ohio residents. Those who choose network providers will only have to pay small copays for service. There is also the option to add prescription drug coverage to one of these plans.

Those who want some additional flexibility should select one of the HumanaChoice PPO plans. While staying within the network offers more savings, people do have the option to go out of network if they wish. They can also add prescription drug coverage to one of these plans.

Humana Gold Choice PFFS plans are another option. A PFFS plan is a fee-for-service plan. Insured parties get a list of Medicare-approved providers who have accepted the plan’s terms and conditions. They can go to any of those providers for care. These plans cover a variety of preventative screenings, and some come with prescription drug coverage.

People with special needs can enroll in one of the Humana Medicare Advantage Special Needs plans. These plans have original Medicare and prescription drug coverage.

Humana Dental Insurance

Ohio residents can choose an HMO or PPO dental plan from Humana.

The Dental Value Plan HMO does not have a deductible, and office visits are $15. Routine cleanings and X-rays are free of charge, and people can get other low-cost dental work done, such as fillings for $30. Those who use this plan must select from a dentist in the network.

The Dental Preventative Plus PPO plan is another option. Insured parties can choose from in-network or out-of-network dentists, although it is more expensive to go out-of-network. Routine cleanings and X-rays are also free with this plan, but other services are typically 50 percent off after the deductible. The deductible is $50 for individuals and $150 for families.

Humana Vision

Ohio residents can also get vision insurance from Humana. The Humana Vision PPO plan has a network of providers. Routine exams cost $15, contact lens exams are $40, and people also get money off contacts and glasses.

Get Help Choosing Humana Health Insurance in Ohio

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