Kaiser Health Insurance California

Kaiser Permanente offers a variety of health insurance options for California residents. Residents can choose from Deductible, Copayment, and HSA plans. Get the details on the Kaiser health insurance options in California.

Deductible HMO Plans

Deductible HMO plans offer lower premiums than standard HMO plans, making them an attractive option for Californians. The insured must use in-network providers with this plan, with the exception of emergency care.

The Deductible Bronze plan is the starter plan. It has a $6,300 individual deductible, and members are also responsible for the $500 pharmacy deductible. While the deductible must be met for most services before the insurance kicks in, the insured is only responsible for the copay for the first three visits for primary care, urgent care, mental health/substance, and specialty care.

The Deductible Silver plan offers the same type of coverage, but the deductible is lower. It’s $2,500 for individual medical expenses and $200 for individual pharmacy expenses.

Kaiser also offers a Deductible Catastrophic plan. This is a minimum coverage HMO that has a $7,900 individual medical and pharmacy deductible. Members can also receive preventive care services at no extra charge.

Copayment HMO Plans

Those who do not want to pay a deductible should consider the copayment HMO plans. These plans do not charge a deductible and most services only require a $15-$30 copay, depending on the plan selected. Choose from the Copayment Gold and Copayment Platinum plan.


For those who want to combine a high-deductible health insurance plan with a health savings account can get one of Kaiser’s HSA plans. Kaiser Health insurance offers HSA Bronze and Silver plans for residents. These plans come with a $6,000 or $3,000 deductible for individuals, and the insured is responsible for 15-40 percent of primary care office visits after the deductible is met.

Need Help Choosing Kaiser Health Insurance in California?

Choosing Kaiser health insurance doesn’t have to be difficult. Compare health insurance plans online or contact a licensed insurance agent for help.