Kaiser Health Insurance Colorado

Countless Colorado residents turn to Kaiser Permanente for their health insurance needs. Kaiser offers Deducible HMO plans, Copayment HMO Plans, and HSA HMO plans. Learn more about the available plans and make an informed decision.

Deductible HMO Plans

As with other HMO plans, those who choose one of Kaiser’s deductible HMO plans must stay in-network when receiving care, except when receiving emergency care. These plans have low premiums and include a deductible people must meet before receiving coverage.

People can choose from Bronze, Silver, and Gold Deductible HMO plans. Bronze plans have the highest deductible, while Gold plans have the lowest. These plans offer preventative care at no extra charge.

Copayment HMO Plans

People who prefer to avoid a deductible can get one of the Copayment HMO plans. People can get a large number of services for a copay of $20-$40. They do not have to meet a deductible when using this plan.  


Many Colorado residents have health savings accounts (HSAs). They put money back into the savings account and use it for medical expenses. People with an HSA can get one of Kaiser’s HSA HMO plans. These plans have a high deductible that must be met, but the insured can use an HSA to pay it.

Need Help Choosing Kaiser Health Insurance in California?

There are lots of options for health insurance in Colorado. You might know you want to go with Kaiser, but which plan is right for you? You can find the perfect plan by speaking to a licensed insurance agent. Call 1-855-881-0430 to compare plans and get a quote.