Does UnitedHealthcare Cover Abortions?

The answer depends entirely on your location. In many states, particularly in the South and Midwest, there are some anti-abortion laws in play. These legislations make it very difficult for a woman to terminate a pregnancy unless the mother or child is in immediate danger.

In other states like Washington, Oregon, New York, and California, there are fewer restrictions. Therefore health plans may cover elective abortion procedures. We recommend understanding the terms of your policy and raising questions and concerns before you sign on the dotted line.

Does UnitedHealthcare Cover Dental?

Yes, UnitedHealthcare does cover dental plans. In most states across the country, clients are required to purchase a separate dental plan; meaning coverage is not bundled together with health insurance.

The basic plans provide bi-annual cleaning services and examinations, while the more expensive plans tend to cover extractions and dental implants. For dependents under the age of 18, fluoride treatments and orthodontics are typically included in the plans.

Does UnitedHealthcare Cover Gym Memberships?

No, UnitedHealthcare does not cover gym memberships. However, there are certain circumstances where a doctor may prescribe a form of physical therapy. In this case, a gym membership would be covered for the duration of the treatment.

Is UnitedHealthcare Medicare?

No, Medicare is a federal health insurance program that provides coverage to individuals over the age of 65. It covers a range of medical services and prescription drugs and was meant to protect America’s ageing population. While UnitedHealthcare does sell supplemental Medicare insurance, it is not formally affiliated with the program.

What Does UnitedHealthcare Cover?

UnitedHealthcare offers a range of different health plans, so to find out your coverage, we recommend requesting the Summary of Benefits and Coverage. This is sometimes called the SBC, and you can access it any time. According to UnitedHealthcare, the SBC is always presented at the following moments:

  • On the first day of open enrollment.
  • When you renew your health plan.
  • When changes happen within your health plan.
  • When you make a change or are added to a health plan – for example, if you get married or have a child.

The first page of the SBC typically looks like this:

What Lab Does UnitedHealthcare Use?

According to their website, “LabCorp is UnitedHealthcare’s national lab partner and helped design the LBM program.” LBM refers to Lab Management Program, which started as a pilot project and has flourished into a leading lab network across the country.

Is UnitedHealthcare A PPO?

Yes, UnitedHealthcare does provide PPO plans, which stand for Preferred Provider Organization. Therefore, clients have access to a vast network of doctors and hospitals compared to a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan.