You can’t deny the fact that the Affordable Care Act has consequently driven up the cost of health insurance in this country. This has led more Americans to seek out viable alternatives away from the federal or state-based exchange. These types of policies are typically called Private Health Plans. Today, we’re going to discuss the topic and cover all the basics.

Who Buys Private Health Insurance?

Many middle-class and wealthy Americans don’t qualify for Obamacare subsidies, meaning it’s wiser to look for health insurance elsewhere. Some individuals also miss the Open Enrollment Period, so they can either apply for a special enrollment or purchase private health insurance.

Where Can I Buy Private Health Insurance?

You can purchase a private health insurance plan at any point during the year from either an insurance broker or a licensed agent. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always give one of our agents a call at 1-855-881-0430, and we’ll answer all of your questions in detail.

The process is relatively similar to buying an Obamacare plan, as you’ll have to fill out numerous questionnaires before signing a contract. Private health insurance plans must cover the basics outlined by the Affordable Care Act; therefore, an insurer cannot deny coverage to an individual or a household based on their pre-existing conditions.

Benefits of private health insurance

New research reveals that more Americans with employer insurance are purchasing additional private coverage. The idea is to ensure that these individuals are completely covered in case they require extensive medical attention.

For example, a middle-aged VP of a company may suddenly develop kidney failure and require dialysis on a daily basis. Under his work insurance, the dialysis treatment won’t be covered, but with the additional private insurance, he won’t have to pay a single penny out-of-pocket.

The future of the Affordable Care Act is uncertain. The Republican Party has repeatedly tried to dismantle the bill, and it’s unclear whether they will successfully repeal it within the next year. With private health insurance, rest assured knowing that your policy is always guaranteed and you can receive the coverage you deserve. For more information, visit