It’s no secret that Obamacare premiums are skyrocketing across the country, leaving many Americans to seek out cheaper alternatives. One option includes buying health insurance across state lines – but is this even an option? Today, we’re diving into the topic.

Executive Order

Last fall, President Trump signed an executive order that permitted health insurance companies to sell plans across state lines. Trump claimed this decision would help drastically reduce premiums, and provide more options to the public.

Unfortunately, the average American won’t be able to shop for a plan in another state right away. The executive order needs to be rectified and regulated by several governing bodies including the Health, Labor, and Treasury departments.

Why Was This Decision Made?                

Since President Trump assumed power, he’s been trying to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. This bill has never been popular with Republicans (and even some Democrats), but Congress has yet to successfully come up with a suitable alternative. So this is one way the current administration is trying to undermine the ACA.

The Impact

Some experts believe this decision will destabilize the American insurance market, leading to an increase in un-regulated plans. Keep in mind under the Affordable Care Act, all policies must meet stringent criteria, and companies are not allowed to discriminate based on your pre-existing conditions.

When Will The Executive Order Take Effect?

Expect this to take a while, as all government bodies tend to take a long time to scrutinize and recommend amendments to the order. In the meantime, it’s still wise to shop around for a plan during the 2020 Open Enrollment Period – which is from November 1st, 2019, until December 15th, 2019.

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