A lot of our readers consistently ask us whether their current health insurance plan covers old medical bills. The answer to this question is a definite no – past bills or treatments received outside of your coverage period will not be paid.

Why isn’t it covered?

Health insurance is a complex topic in this country, but all providers follow a strict set of rules outlined by the Affordable Care Act. This was signed by President Obama in 2010, and it established parameters that included the Open Enrollment Period, an annual event that allows citizens to enroll, renew, or make changes to their health insurance plan.

So the Open Enrollment Period acts as a benchmark, and if you didn’t purchase a plan for the upcoming year, expect to pay all of your medical bills out-of-pocket. If you’re unsure whether you’re covered or not, it’s best to call your insurance provider or see the certificate of coverage that’s provided each year with a renewal.

Short-term health insurance

The same applies to short-term health insurance plans. If you sign up for a plan in November 2018, don’t submit any claims accrued before enrollment, they’ll be rejected. We always recommend clarifying your coverage before booking a doctor’s appointment or calling your pharmacy.

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