According to the Vision Council of America, approximately 75% of adults use some sort of vision correction. If you’ve worn glasses or contacts all your life, you understand how appealing the prospect of going frame and lens free really is. Although this is a largely cosmetic concern for many, for others, glasses can get in the way of carrying out work tasks, while contacts irritate the eyes after years of use. 

The cost of more permanent solutions, however, such as LASIK eye surgery can be a barrier. The average cost of LASIK surgery in the US in 2017 was $2088 per eye, and while 41% of refractive surgeons offer special financing and payment plans to make LASIK more accessible, it’s only natural for health plan holders to wonder if insurance might cover any part of their LASIK surgery.

What is LASIK?

LASIK is a type of eye surgery that aims to reverse vision problems that include farsightedness, nearsightedness, and types of astigmatisms. It’s a non-invasive procedure that involves an ophthalmologist using a laser to reshape the cornea to improve vision. It takes only 15 minutes for the doctor to treat both eyes and then you’re finished.

Patients are conscious the entire time and are given medicated drops that act as an anesthetic, so there’s no pain involved.

Vision insurance and LASIK coverage

Vision insurance may be of some help with covering the cost of your LASIK procedure. However, vision benefits are designed to reduce a patient’s costs related to routine preventative eye care, and this mostly relates to eye exams and prescription eye wear, although some plans do offer additional savings. 

Some of the larger vision insurance carriers offer specific laser vision correction benefits including: 

  • discounts on laser vision correction procedures, 
  • discounts of up to 50% on procedures performed by in-network surgeons, 
  • and frame benefits for non-prescription sunglasses after vision correction surgery. 

Regardless of your insurance plan, you should anticipate paying for at least part of the cost of a LASIK procedure.

Recovery Time

Many patients (especially those with higher prescriptions) tend to see immediate vision improvements following the surgery. Those with lower prescriptions usually see a difference in their eyesight eight hours after leaving the doctor’s office. Most individuals can return to work the following day but expect a bit of sensitivity and discomfort for about a week. The doctor will also prescribe various drops, and it might take about three months for your eyes to heal completely.

How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

According to their website, the average cost of Lasik is $4,500. There are several different payment options available as well, meaning you don’t have to pay this amount upfront. You can check out their cost calculator and select a payment plan that suits your needs.

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Do Employee Benefit Plans Cover LASIK?

While in the past, many employee benefit plans provided vision care packages that covered the cost of glasses and contacts, laser vision correction was never on this list. Now, however, more companies are offering either full or partial coverage for vision correction procedures. However, because LASIK isn’t considered a medical necessity, rarely is its entire cost covered. 

Rare cases in which medical insurance plans might fully cover refractive or laser eye surgery include: refractive errors resulting from an injury, from surgery, or particularly severe refractive errors. However, coverage under these circumstances is generally inconsistent and you should always check with your provider first. Rare cases aside, some employers do actually make arrangements with a given LASIK center for a special price, so that their employees might benefit. 

Additionally, some large employers offer subsidized health plans that cover partial LASIK costs. If you work for a major company, do inquire about possible benefits that might cover corrective eye surgery!

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