A Point of Service (POS) plan is similar to HMO and PPO plans that include benefit levels varying on if you get your health care in or out of your health insurance company’s network of providers. With POS health insurance, members can obtain affordable rates, flexible terms, and access a broad selection of healthcare providers and specialists.

How does a POS plan work?

POS plans essentially blends components of HMO and PPO plans for a specific type of coverage certain people look for.

They’re comparable to an HMO plan because policyholders can be obligated to assign a primary care physician who will make the needed referrals to network specialists.

Depending on the POS plan, services provided by your primary care physician are usually not subject to a deductible, and preventive care is generally included.

Like a PPO plan, policyholders can receive care from non-network providers, but with higher out-of-pocket costs. Those who are registered to a POS plan are also responsible for co-payments, coinsurance, and an annual deductible.

Who is a Good Candidate for POS Health Insurance?

While POS health insurance is not nearly as standard as HMOs or PPOs, they are right for some individuals. POS may be the right option for you if:

Already have a favorite doctor that participates in a POS network.

If your primary doctor is already in a POS health insurance network, or your a particular doctor that is in this network is one that you’re willing to work with, this is the plan for you.  POS health insurance is ideal for those whose preferred doctors are already in-network. If you are not sure if your doctor already works within a POS health insurance network, utilize your carrier’s search function. You never know, you may find that several specialists are also covered!

Do not mind going out of your network.

Like a PPO plan, members have the option to use healthcare services outside of their provider network. However, if the primary care doctor has provided a referral for an out-of-service provider, the member will be held accountable for most of the cost.

If you want the opportunity to consult with out-of-network healthcare providers, POS health insurance may be perfect for your needs. This insurance option is also an excellent option for those who use outpatient medical assistance frequently!

Want the option to see healthcare providers anywhere in America.

If you’re a snowbird or travel frequently, POS health insurance may be for you because policyholders can go out of network easily to visit any healthcare provider. Whether members frequently travel across the city or state lines, they’ll always have the freedom and access to medical coverage!

Want coverage anywhere in the event of an emergency.

You never know when an emergency will strike, and it can be especially stressful when one happens on vacation! Luckily, POS health insurance plans cover these types of medical emergencies, even if the doctor or facility you see is not within your network. If your accident turns out to not be a real crisis, POS plans may still pay for a part of the medical bills even if the policyholder went out of network.

Want an affordable, yet flexible, health insurance plan.

In the end, the most significant benefits of  POS health insurance plan is its competitive price point. While users are accountable for a portion of the statements received when visiting a doctor outside of the POS network, you may not have to pay a deductible at all if you only utilize medical care within your network. As long as you stay in your network, your co-pay will also be quite low, making POS plans highly favorable among individuals on a budget.

To see if POS plans are right for you, contact 1-844-903-4089 to speak with a licensed insurance agent. You have no commitment to buy when you call, and you’ll gain more peace of mind in deciding which healthcare plan would work the best for your needs!