01 Jun 2016

Options for Health Insurance Outside Open Enrollment

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Options for Health Insurance Outside Open Enrollment

The registration period for open enrollment insurance has ended, but if you missed the registration period there is still a chance for you to get covered in the insurance marketplace. The insurance world in the United States has changed a lot in the last few years, and the advent of ObamaCare has changed things even more.

If you missed the Open Enrollment period for insurance in 2016, there are still opportunities to become insured.

Special Enrollment Period

There is a Special Enrollment Period for people who have had extenuating circumstances in their lives that may have kept them from registering for insurance at the right time.

This Special Enrollment Period can include people who have experienced a recent life change including getting married, having a child, or losing existing health care coverage. Individuals who qualify for the Special Enrollment Period can still register in the Marketplace and find the insurance they need. Proof of a life change might have to be presented if a person wants to purchase insurance from the Marketplace under the Special Enrollment Period.

Medicaid & Children’s Health Insurance Program

Individuals that weren’t able to enroll during Open Enrollment may be able to get health insurance through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Medicaid is available for individuals who fall below the poverty line, but if an increase in income occurs they can sign up for a regular major medical plan.

Native Americans and natives of Alaska

Native Americans and natives of Alaska can enroll in the insurance Marketplace any time of the year, and can change insurance plans once a month if needed. Those individuals who qualify for Medicaid coverage may also apply for an insurance policy at any time throughout the year.

Nevada Residents

Residents of the state of Nevada have more opportunities to find health insurance coverage in the Marketplace. Off-exchange plans are available in Nevada year round, but coverage can take up to 90 days to start under some carriers.

Short-term insurance

Short-term insurance, some limited-benefit plans, accident insurance supplements, short-term medical insurance and other medical discount plans aren’t regulated by the ACA and are policies that are still available as insurance options for the remainder of 2016.

There are still opportunities to find insurance coverage in 2016 if you missed the Open Enrollment Period. These are just a few of the options available for anyone who might still be seeking insurance.