21 Feb 2017

Reasons to Repeal, Replace and Retrench

Reasons to Repeal, Replace and Retrench

From the very beginning, Donald Trump has always been vocal about his dislike for Obamacare so much so that it’s pretty clear that in the coming days, we will likely see its end.


The opponents of this health law, which are largely Republicans, have long been clamoring to repeal and replace it. Meanwhile, Obamacare supporters, who are largely democrats, warned that doing so will only “make America sick again.”


According to Obamacare proponents, millions of American citizens have gained coverage under it and repealing the health law will only deprive them of it.


But let’s try to dissect the ACA and find out why its opponents may have good reason to push through with their decision to “repeal and replace.”


The Affordable Care Act may have helped a lot of people since it was passed into law. Many have gained coverage, several have felt that their insurance costs have gone down and that their care has improved.


But let’s also not forget that there are those who:


  • …have lost coverage
  • …are now paying more for insurance
  • …have worse health care than others,


…as a result of Obamacare.


Here are just a few examples:


  1. The patient who lost her topnotch oncologist because the ACA uses skimpy provider networks to reduce costs.
  2. The patient who requires chronic treatment which used to be covered by her insurance plan but now, with a $6,500 deductible, has to bear those medical expenses out of pocket.
  3. The guy who used to have health coverage but is now unable to afford it because of the skyrocketing premiums.
  4. The couple who was laid off because the Employer Mandate pushed their company to cut back on full time employers.


So essentially, there are winners and losers in the implementation of the ACA. And the stinging of its repeal will be no less painful than the stinging that its enactment has brought on to others.


Repealing Obamacare will cause a lot of strain, not only to the industry but most importantly, to the people of this nation. We’ll see accelerating costs, declining enrollments, and reduced benefits – to name a few. The Congress will have to look into many possible alternatives to replace the ACA, and hopefully, the GOP will work with Democrats to arrive at a sound solution. The whole process will be confusing, difficult and painful at best.

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