26 Jul 2017

The Senate Votes To Debate & Opts To Officially Repeal Obamacare

The Senate Votes To Debate & Opts To Officially Repeal Obamacare

In a strange twist of events, the Senate Republicans have just voted to have an open debate in regards to a prospective health care plan. This comes as a surprise to many Americans as the government has recently made several announcements surrounding the topic. So, we’re going to break things down today to make things easy to understand.

Timeline of events

President Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to repeal Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, which came into effect back in 2010. When he got elected, the Republicans began drafting a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, but this bill faced a lot of backlash and many deemed it would be disastrous for the American people. The bill was officially canceled last week as several prominent and powerful Republicans announced they could no longer support it.

Fast-forward to July 25, 2017, and suddenly there are multiple reports in the media that a vote has taken place to start debating a new health care bill.

The vote was super close

It’s evident the politicians on Capitol Hill are divided amongst each other, especially the Republicans. The vote was very close to open this debate in the first place, as Sen. Jon McCain (who was just diagnosed with brain cancer and flew in from Arizona) and Vice-President Mike Pence tipped the scales, voting in favor of opening debate.

What do they hope to accomplish?

While it’s clear there is a divide amongst Republicans, several sources are indicating this debate is supposed to lead to some sort of health care solution.

Several sources indicate this debate is meant to come up with a solution to Obamacare. According to journalist Dylan Scott from Vox, there are three viable options.

  • A partial repeal, keeping key aspects of the Affordable Care Act while replacing unpopular provisions
  • A complete repeal, meaning they would scrap everything
  • A repeal-and-replace strategy, which would involve drafting a new version of the BCRA, which would be approved by the Senate

According to various reports emerging this morning, the Senate has opted for option number two. Therefore, they will be forging towards a complete repeal strategy.

What does this mean for Americans?

Many Americans are uninterested in politics, but it’s important to keep up with these events because it will ultimately have a substantial impact upon the country. If they go through with the complete repeal strategy, it could really turn the entire insurance industry upside down. This would mean insurance companies could discriminate applicants based on pre-existing conditions. This would lead to individuals being rejected or paying higher premiums.

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