07 Jun 2016

The State of Health Insurance

The State of Health Insurance

Health insurance has been on the forefront of peoples’ minds in recent months and years with the advent of the Affordable Care Act and other health care stipulations coming into practice. The United States has seen sweeping changes when it comes to who can be insured, what policies are offered, and how much people have to pay for their health insurance year after year. The economic state of the country has also impacted who has health insurance and what they are covered for.
Health insurance in the years 2015 and 2016 have seen a few changes as ObamaCare has come into effect. More than six million young adults without insurance have become insured between 2010 and the present day, while 20 million people have received health insurance under the Affordable Care Act from 2010-2016.

Health care in the United States

In the United States there were 35.7 million people over the age of 65 who remained uninsured as of 2014, according to the National Health Interview Survey. Over half of the individuals interviewed in the survey had private insurance through an employer. Children under the age of 18 were uninsured at a rate of 5.5%, and adults age 18-64 had a 16.3% uninsured rate.

As statistics about the Affordable Care Act come out, analyses of the health care insurance field in the United States are coming out in increasing numbers. Under the Affordable Care Act, the provisions for Medicaid have been extended, the Health Insurance Marketplace has grown larger, and some private insurance plans now allow dependents to remain on their parents’ insurance for much longer.

Reports are finding that the number of uninsured Americans has decreased dramatically since 2010. Young adults, once one of the largest uninsured demographics, are now reporting much higher instances of insurance coverage than previously recorded.

Changing health care insurance

The Open Enrollment program allowed more individuals to access the insurance marketplace that has been set up to increase individuals’ ability to find affordable health insurance. Between 2013 and the beginning of 2016 there has been a decrease of 46.5% in young adults who were living without health insurance. As 2016 continues, there will be updates to the statistics on health care insurance coverage in the United States and the continued influence of the Affordable Care Act.

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