Many people who live in Alabama find it challenging to find affordable health insurance quotes. In fact, surveys have found that more than half a million adults in the state are uninsured, and they make up almost 20% of the population.

Why Are Many People Uninsured?

Part of the problem is the cost of health insurance in Alabama. In the first six years of the 2000s, family earnings only rose by about 13%. The premiums for family health insurance went up by more than 80% during that same period. The cost of individual insurance also rose by more than 55%.

Health insurers in Alabama are also allowed to check the medical history of their prospective clients, and they can go back for the last five years. If you have any pre-existing medical condition that may prove too expensive to treat, the insurer may put in a clause in the insurance agreement that they won’t pay for the treatment of that condition for the first year of the insurance.

However, we at HealthQuoteInfo can help you find the right Alabama health insurance plan for you and your family. You can use our search bar by entering your zip code, and you can get a list of available health insurance options for your location.

Medicaid & Low Income Health Insurance Alabama

This is a federal and state program designed to enable low-income families to receive proper health care. These can include children, pregnant women, residents of nursing homes, and the disabled. However, to qualify for Medicaid, you need to meet some requirements.

You can call us to find out more about your Medicaid eligibility. There are different standards and income requirements for working and non-working parents, for children of different ages, and for pregnant women and their infants.

If you do qualify for Medicaid, various medical and even dental services can then become available for free. These can include hospital care and various laboratory services, and the cost of prescription medicine may be covered as well. Even more expensive procedures such as transplants may also become available.

Copayments aren’t necessary for children under 18 when they receive medical services under Medicaid. The same is true for pregnant women, nursing home residents, and those receiving family planning services.

As for other Medicaid clients, they may only end paying a $50 copayment for inpatient hospital stays. Visits to the medical office can result in fees ranging from $0.50 to $3, and that same price range can apply to prescription drugs.

Allkids Health Insurance in Alabama

Alabama has a children state health insurance program called Allkids. This program provides health insurance coverage for children ages 18 and below. This program is for the children of families whose total earnings exceed Medicaid requirements but are still too low for the family to comfortably afford private health insurance.

The benefits of Allkids include doctor visits and regular checkups, hospital and doctor care, and mental health and substance abuse services. The program covers immunizations, prescriptions, and emergency services. Dental and vision care are also covered. There are no exclusions for any preexisting condition or chronic illness.

This is only for children who do not already have Alabama health insurance coverage. An online application is possible, and after completing the process, the insurance card will be sent to you after 7 to 10 days. Children receive 12 months of coverage, and this must be renewed annually. During this time, the coverage only ends until the child turns 19 years of age or relocates to another state.

Small Business Health Insurance Alabama

Small businesses in Alabama are defined as having two to 50 employees, and employers can offer health insurance to their employees. For the workforce to be eligible for coverage, at least two of the employees must work for the business for at least six months out of the year, and they need to work at least 20 hours a week.

The owner can also count as an employee, and this means that the owner also draws a salary from the business. The insurance can also cover the family of the employees.

Health insurance carriers can also look up the medical history of the covered employees for the last six months, and a 12-month exclusion period can be applied to any preexisting medical condition. However, this type of exclusion cannot be applied to special circumstances. These include pregnancy, newborn infants, and children that have been adopted.

Alabama COBRA Coverage

Alabama enacted the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act in 1985, and this is called COBRA for short. This act requires employers with more than 20 employees to offer continued group insurance for former employees and their dependents. This period extends from up to 18 months.

Employees could be eligible for COBRA coverage if they were enrolled in their employer’s health insurance coverage while they were working. The health insurance coverage should also remain in place for the current employees.

High-Risk Pools

For those who have a preexisting medical condition that keeps them from getting private insurance, Alabama offers high-risk health insurance. The coverage helps pay for medical services such as doctor’s clinic visits and prescription drugs, as well as inpatient and outpatient hospital care. It also covers laboratory services and services for mental health and substance abuse. Even transplants are covered under these high-risk health insurance pools.

Alabama Open Enrollment 2019 & Alabama Obamacare Insurance

The Alabama Open Enrollment period for health insurance in 2019 will run from November 1st, 2018 to December 15th, 2019.

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