Health Insurance Arizona 2019 – Your Guide to Health Coverage in the Copper State

Not everyone has adequate Arizona health insurance, but that’s a problem that HealthQuoteInfo aims to address. If you are a resident of this state, you can just enter your zip code into our search bar, and you will be shown various affordable health insurance plans that may fit your need and your budget. These plans come from private carriers like Humana, Golden Rule, Aetna, and Cigna PDP.

Small Business Health Insurance in Arizona

You may also qualify for Arizona health insurance coverage through your employer, though this process may involve a waiting period. It’s crucial that you maintain your health insurance coverage, and you shouldn’t let it lapse for more than 63 days. If you do, then a carrier may refuse to cover the cost of treatments for any of your pre-existing medical conditions.

Because of this, you may want to get a short-term plan for the period until the new health insurance policy begins in your workplace. You may also continue to get the coverage you enjoyed from your previous employer through the COBRA program, although you may have to pay for the whole premium after you’ve ended your employment with your last employer.

Employers in Arizona can apply for a small group health insurance plan, as long as there are at least two employees who work a minimum of 25 to 30 hours a week. The minimum weekly-hours requirement differs depending on the carrier. No employee may be denied coverage due to a pre-existing medical condition, although such conditions may affect the amount of the monthly premiums.

Medicaid & Low Income Health Insurance Arizona

***Affordable Medical Insurance Arizona & Arizona Health Insurance Plans 2019 for Low-Income Families***

The Medicaid agency in Arizona is the AHCCCS, which stands for Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. This agency offers resources and medical programs for Arizona residents who meet certain income requirements and who have various needs. These include adults and children, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and pregnant women.

A health insurance plan under the AHCCCS works very much like an HMO. You can choose a health plan that covers your area, and you then select a primary care doctor who works with that AHCCCS plan. That doctor will be the first person you call for health care. The doctor will be the one who can authorize non-emergency medical services, and who can send you to a specialist if you need one.

These health plans cover a very long list of medical services. These include doctor’s visits, hospital services, laboratory services, emergency care, and even podiatry services. Prescriptions are also covered, though they’re not if you have Medicare. Children under the age of 21 also enjoy vision exams and glasses, dental screening and treatment, and hearing aids and exams.

Arizona Long Term Care or ALTCS is also available for those who need them. Services that can be covered under these plans include hospices, nursing facilities, and home health services. It can also include home-delivered meals, and dental services may also be covered up to $1000 per year.

This is one of the most critical programs for health insurance that Arizona offers for low-income families. Its main point is to provide health insurance without requiring enrolled families to pay any premiums at all.

To qualify, a household of a single person should have a gross monthly income that doesn’t exceed $1,346. This ceiling goes up by $479 for every additional person in the household. It’s available for Arizona residents ages 19 to 64 and


This is what Arizona calls its CHIP program. It’s designed to provide basic health coverage for children who are uninsured because their families’ household income exceeds the ceilings set for AHCCCA insurance. With this program, low-income families need only to pay a minimal monthly premium, and this is much lower than what private insurance costs.

The benefits are numerous, and they include doctor’s visits, lab tests, and specialist care. Vision care and dental care services are also part of the package, along with services for behavioral health.

There is a KidsCare program that also applies for the parents of enrolled children. This allows the parents to get the same quality of medical care as their children. The premiums for the entire family will depend on the household income and the number of people in the household.


This stands for the Arizona Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program. People who are already enrolled in AHCCCS or KidsCare can also qualify for this program. This is designed to find and treat medical conditions as early as possible so that minor problems do not become much worse.

The services include various screening services and laboratory tests. Vision services are also part of the deal, and covered treatments include eyeglasses. Dental services are also included, and they aren’t limited to emergency dental services. Even the diagnosis and treatment of hearing problems can also be covered. All these services are available for Medicaid-eligible people under the age of 21.


While not technically a part of insurance services, the Well Woman HealthCheck Program can help women receive several types of medical services for free. The WWHP provides women with free breast cancer screenings, as well as screenings for cervical cancer. This is a state program run with the cooperation of the CDC.

These screening services can be available through certain county health department and community health centers all over the state of Arizona.

Open Enrollment 2019 Arizona & Arizona Obamacare Insurance

The Arizona Open Enrollment period for health insurance in 2019 ran from November 1st, 2018 to December 15th, 2019.

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