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Small Business Health Insurance Arkansas

For many adults, they get health insurance through their employer. Employers have the option of offering group health insurance plans for their employees, and the employer can even pay a portion of the premiums. This can cut down your monthly premium payments substantially. You may end up paying only a fourth or even a fifth of what the premiums usually cost.

On the other hand, you have very little say regarding the benefits that come with the plan. These are instead agreed upon by the employer and the health insurance carrier. Everyone among eligible employees can be covered by the policy, even if they have preexisting medical conditions.

Arkansas COBRA and Other Options

One main problem with health insurance through an employer is that employees may have to go through a waiting period before they can qualify for the benefits. This may leave you with a lapse in coverage if you’re newly employed. If that lapse continues for more than 63 days, the insurer may refuse to cover some of your pre-existing medical conditions for the first year of the policy.

You have several options to prevent that 63-day lapse from occurring. The COBRA program allows you to extend the period of the health insurance you previously enjoyed with your former employer. This can last for up to 18 months, although you may have to shoulder the full cost of the monthly premiums until you can stop and get the benefits from the new health insurance plan.

Another option is to get a short-term policy that covers the period while you wait for the benefits of the new plan to take effect.

If you’re the employer, you can get proper health insurance for your employees, and you can count yourself as an employee as well when you get the small group insurance plan. You only need at least two employees who work a minimum of 30 hours each week. None of your employees can be denied coverage due to their medical history, but some types of preexisting medical conditions can cause an increase in the rates you pay.

Medicaid & Low Income Health Insurance Arkansas

Medicaid is a federal program run by the state, and its primary function is to help out low-income families who do not have the resources to pay for medical care or even for proper health insurance. It comes with income ceilings so that the benefits can be enjoyed by the people who need them the most.

Full Medicaid benefits are available for special groups of people. These include senior citizens over the age of 65, children under the age of 19, and people under 21 who live in foster care. Other beneficiaries include pregnant women and the disabled.

TEFRA is part of the Arkansas Medicaid program, and this allows children with disabilities to receive proper care in their own homes instead of in an institution. It comes with specific eligibility requirements, but the income and the resources of the parents are not among the factors. Only the income and resources of the child are considered.

ARKids First

This program offers more options for uninsured children whose parents cannot afford private health insurance in Arkansas. The first option is ARKids A, and this provides coverage for low-income families through the Medicaid program. The ARKids B option is for the families who have incomes that exceed Medicaid income limits but still find private health insurance prohibitively expensive.

The benefits of the program offer coverage for up to 70,000 children in Arkansas who would have gone without coverage if ARKids didn’t exist. The application for the program can be made online.

Arkansas Family Health Insurance Planning

Arkansas is also one of the states in the country that offer basic women’s health services to individuals. These health services include birth control, physical checkups, lab work, and advice on preventing STIs and HIV/AIDS.


It is possible that you’re rejected from health insurance coverage because you have an uninsurable pre-existing medical condition. This is a condition that requires treatments that some carriers find too expensive to cover.

The Arkansas Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool is meant for those who have been rejected by health insurance carriers due to a preexisting medical condition. You can be eligible for Arkansas CHIP if you comply with the various guidelines. In general, you can qualify if you don’t have any other health insurance option, including workplace insurance, COBRA, Medicaid, and ARKids.

Arkansas Open Enrollment 2019 & Arkansas Obamacare Insurance

The Arkansas Open Enrollment period for health insurance in 2019 will run from November 1st, 2018 to December 15th, 2019.

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