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If you’re thinking of purchasing health insurance in Florida, you can get one through the MyFloridaChoices Marketplace. You also have the option of buying Obamacare health insurance in Florida from a major insurance carrier. Choosing from numerous insurance plans in the online Exchange can be a daunting task. If you’re not sure which plan to get, we can help. Our qualified and licensed Obamacare health insurance agents in Florida can discuss with you your best options so you can pick a plan that’s perfect for your needs.

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Changes in the Florida Health Insurance Exchange

There have been changes in the insurance carriers serving Florida. To start with, UnitedHealthcare will no longer be in the individual exchange market, as well as in other states where they have been offering individual health plans. As a result, there will only be one choice of carrier (Florida Blue) in 44 of Florida’s 67 counties through the MyFloridaChoices Marketplace. However, 85% of Florida enrollees will have more than one choice under multiple carrier options.

Aetna has also left the state’s Exchange and pretty much most of the states where it has been offering insurance plans. Cigna, on the other hand, will return to the exchange.

Humana has expressed plans to scale back their participation on MyFloridaChoices starting 2017, but they will continue to offer insurance plans. Harken Health, which is a subsidiary of UnitedHealthCare has expressed plans to enter the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas in 2017 as part of their future expansion plan.

An Overview of Obamacare in Florida

Florida Health Choices is independent of and it only offers insurance plans to residents of Florida. It targets adults and small business owners who are looking for insurance plans, including coverage that may not be provided by the government or by employer-sponsored plans.

According to Florida Health Choices’ CEO, Rose Naff, majority of Floridians do not purchase insurance through Obamacare’s and are instead buying plans in the private market.

Through the Affordable Care Act, majority (77%) of residents in Florida with health insurance are benefitting from better coverage and more options. Moreover, the rest of the population without insurance (23%) along with those who are currently unhappy with their coverage can check the benefits that are in store for them should they decide to get insured.

The good news is that a big majority of the uninsured in the state (estimated to be 92%) may qualify for tax credits or government subsidies. Florida is also mulling over the opportunity to expand Medicaid coverage under the ACA.

So far, the state has received $1,000,000 in grants for the planning, research, development and implementation of the Florida Health Insurance Marketplace.

Florida’s New Coverage Options

With the new Obamacare guidelines, children can stay on their parents’ insurance plan until they turn 26 if their plan covers dependents. You need to do either of the following in order to get added to your parent’s coverage plan:

Your mother or father can add you to their employer-sponsored plan during the open enrollment or special enrollment period.

Your mother or father can apply for a new plan in the Florida Exchange and include you on their application. This is available during open enrollment or a special enrollment period.

When you’re under your parent’s insurance plan, you can continue to stay there until your 26th birthday even if you:

  • Leave or start school
  • Get married
  • Have a child
  • Adopt a child
  • Move out of your parent’s home
  • Are not a tax dependent
  • Turn down employer-sponsored coverage

Do I Need Health Insurance in Florida?

Although you’re not going to be arrested if you do not have health coverage, it makes a lot of sense to buy insurance. This is because you will be forced to pay a tax penalty unless you qualify for an exemption. To avoid having to pay the penalty, you must obtain qualified health coverage, such as:

  1. An individual health insurance plan which you purchased from the MyFloridaChoices or through
  2. An employer-sponsored plan
  3. Government programs like Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP
  4. Coverage from the United States military (TRICARE)
  5. Coverage through the Peace Corps
  6. Coverage under a veteran’s health care program

Obtaining Health Insurance from the Marketplace

The Florida Health insurance marketplace is mainly for people who need coverage because:

  • They don’t have insurance
  • They don’t have Medicare
  • They aren’t insured by the company they work for
  • They aren’t included in their spouse’s insurance
  • Have private insurance but want better options
  • They own a small business gives you a wide range of choices for health insurance plans that meet your needs and budget. To get started, you need to visit Health Choices Florida ( where you can find affordable plans for individuals, families and licensed professionals practicing in the state.

You will need to be ready with the following information:

  • Your SSN
  • W-2 Forms and tax statements for your household’s employed members
  • Policy numbers of household members who currently have health insurance
  • Citizenship status
  • Tobacco use

There are many insurance plans you can choose from which are either sold by private carriers or co-ops. They are generally divided into 4 metal levels – platinum, gold, silver and gold and they all cover the same kinds of benefits. The only difference is how much each level will pay towards your health care costs.

In the Florida health insurance marketplace, you can also opt to buy a catastrophic plan, which is mainly for people under 30 who are in good health. These are less expensive but also offer less coverage.

Obtain Health Insurance in Florida Today

Most people, if not all, can benefit greatly from having a good health insurance plan. If you do not have one yet, do not wait until you face a medical crisis. Get one today!

Choose an Obamacare health insurance plan in Florida by going to MyFloridaChoices Marketplace or let one of our insurance agents assist you in finding the right plan.