If you’re looking for affordable private health insurance in Illinois, you won’t need to seek out the websites of various insurance carriers such as Humana, Golden Rule, Cigna, and Aetna. We have our database ready for you here at HealthQuoteInfo. All you have to do is enter your zip code, and you will get a list of various health insurance plans available for your particular location.

However, some residents in Illinois find the premium rates for private health insurance quite expensive. Because of this, the state of Illinois offers several Medicaid programs that can allow you access to health insurance coverage at more affordable rates. These programs are for various groups of people, and they all have different income and asset requirements.

Medicaid & Low Income Health Insurance Illinois

Medicaid is a state program that offers low-cost or no-cost health coverage for people with low incomes and other select groups. About 2/3 of all residents of Illinois are in Medicaid, which translates to 2 million people.

Illinois offers Medicaid Managed Care, which is administered by private insurers. The program lets you pick from at least five health plans depending on where you live. You’ll receive a full range of services with your health plan, while your healthcare becomes more coordinated.

All Kids

This is the state program that provides comprehensive healthcare for many of the children in Illinois. Benefits include doctor visits, hospital services, prescription drugs, medical devices, and even dental and vision care.

While some families may have to pay premiums for this coverage, the rates are considerably more affordable compared to the expense of private insurance policies. If you have a family of 4, and your annual earnings range from $51,432 to $78,228 then you only need to pay a $40 monthly premium for each child you enroll in the program. A doctor visit will come with a co-payment of just $10.

Family Care

If the children are covered by the All Kids program, the FamilyCare program covers the parents of children who are 18 years old and below. This program also covers the relatives who are caring for the children instead of their parents. The benefits are similar to the All Kids program, as they include doctor visits, hospital care, emergency services, prescription drugs, and even specialty medical services.

The costs are very minimal, as doctor visits, prescription drugs, and inpatient hospitalization can come with copayments ranging from $2 to $3.90 (per visit, per drug, and per day in the hospital).

To qualify, a family of 1 has an income limit of $1,387 per month. This will increase by roughly $481 for every additional person in the household.

Moms and Babies

With All Kids, pregnant women can avail two programs that can provide the medical assistance they need. The first is Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility, which gives pregnant women immediate outpatient healthcare. This is just temporary, however. If you’re eligible, then it only applies until the review of your application to the Moms and Babies program.

The Moms and Babies program gives the definitive health care you need while you’re pregnant, and for 60 days after you give birth. If your application has been accepted, the program also pays for the medical services to your baby during the first year of their life. There are no premiums or copayments required to receive these services.

You don’t have to be a citizen or even a legal immigrant to be accepted into the Moms and Babies program. You only need to meet the income requirements. If you’re alone and pregnant in your household, you need to meet the income ceiling of $2,883 per month. It’s $3,625 for a family of three, $4,367 for a family of four, and $5,108 for a family of five.


This stands for Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities. It has long been noted that some people with disabilities refuse to return to work for fear of losing their Medicaid healthcare package. Now, this program encourages people with disabilities to return to the workforce while still enjoying full Medicaid healthcare benefits.

To qualify, you need to be between the ages of 16 and 64 and have a disability. The monthly income ceiling is $3,404 for a single person and $4,588 for a couple. You may have up to $25,000 in assets.

The monthly premiums in your income level and the copays also range from just $2 to $3.90.

Health Care for Veterans

This is a state-sponsored program that aims to provide affordable health insurance for veterans throughout Illinois. The veterans pay a monthly premium that depends on their income level, though these premiums typically range from just $40 to $70 a month. They receive medical healthcare coverage as well as limited dental and vision coverage. Illinois is the first state to offer this kind of health insurance assistance to veterans with limited incomes.

Illinois SLP

The Illinois Supportive Living Program is offered as an alternative to nursing home care for senior citizens with low income and people with physical disabilities under Medicaid. The program allows for payments for services that aren’t typically covered by Medicaid. These services include homemaking, personal care, medication assistance, social activities and recreation, and even the laundry.

These services allow elder people to live more independently. They can remain in their homes, and enjoy their privacy while they also maintain their dignity and individuality.

Small Business Health Insurance Illinois

If you’re employed, you may also just take advantage of the employer-sponsored health insurance benefits that your employer may offer. Many employees take advantage of this option, as employers can pay for a significant percentage of the monthly premiums.

Illinois Open Enrollment 2019 & Illinois Obamacare Insurance

The Illinois Open Enrollment period for health insurance in 2019 will run from November 1st, 2018 to December 15th, 2019.

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